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Drainage in Brighton, MI

Drainage in Brighton, MI
Protecting the Landscape and Home

Expert solutions divert water to where it belongs.

Functional Outdoor Spaces

In addition to causing drainage issues, a steep slope can make your landscape difficult to navigate. Teddy’s Lawn & Landscape will grade the land to ensure it slopes away from the house to prevent soil erosion and pooling at the base of the slope. Retaining walls or outcroppings direct rainwater in the right direction, so it does not cause runoffs and washouts. Both solutions can make moving throughout your landscape in Brighton easier.

No More Soggy Lawns

Your lawn can become soggy and muddy if you don't have a drainage system. Grates and catch basins can be installed beneath the ground to collect water runoff. Drain tile systems with corrugated pipe transport rainwater to a designated location, such as a rain garden. Dry beds allow water to flow beneath the surface and direct it to a proper place. Teddy’s will engineer and install the most effective drainage system for your unique property in Brighton, MI.

Certified Experts & Excellent Service

With nearly 30 years in business, our certified drainage experts can install a drainage system quickly for effective results. We use premium drainage products and systems and have equipment on-hand for any size project.

Top quality drainage systems in Brighton, MI

Satisfied Customers

“Steve Rice at Teddy's Lawn & Landscape put in a brick patio for us. It was AWESOME. And the service and attention to detail was even better. A GREAT experience."

Mike C. via LinkedIn
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