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Commercial Fire Features

Inviting Outdoor Spaces Designed for Connection

Add warmth and ambiance to your commercial property outdoor areas.

Fire features create a warm and welcoming environment that draws people in and invites them to stay a while. From paver patios at a luxurious hotel to outdoor dining areas at a locally owned restaurant, fire features help enhance the outdoor experience so that customers and patrons leave with lasting memories. 

Fire Pits

Whether your business has a modern and trendy vibe or an old-world elegance, a fire pit can be designed and built to complement its style. Choose from a circular, rectangle, or square-shaped fire pit and decide if you prefer a traditional wood-burning option or the convenience of a gas-fueled fire feature. Include built-in outdoor seating to ensure your guests have ample space to sit and enjoy the fire while roasting marshmallows with their families or enjoying drinks with their friends. 

Outdoor Fireplaces

For an impressive architectural look, consider having an outdoor fireplace built to create a cozy spot for your customers. Whether you offer romantic fireside date nights or a comfortable nook where families can relax in the evenings and discuss their plans for the following day, a natural stone or masonry-block outdoor fireplace creates a stunning place where friends and family can get together.

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