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Keep Your Employees Happy With a Landscaping Overhaul on Their Break Spot in Farmington Hills, MI

Do your employees have a comfortable spot outside where they can go to relax and decompress on their breaks? You may be surprised how much a simple space like this can improve work performance, especially if their time at work is spent cooped up indoors in a cubicle without seeing the light of day during work hours. Your employees in the Farmington Hills, MI, area will likely appreciate your investment in them when you provide an outdoor area with beautiful landscaping where they can go to soak up the sunshine and get reinspired during their break times. This effort will show your employees that you genuinely care about their well-being and value their work.

Keep Your Employees Happy With a Landscaping Overhaul on Their Break Spot in Farmington Hills, MI

Private Paver Patio Areas

If your business involves customer service in any way, your employees will likely need time to sit quietly and de-stress without the potential of customers approaching them during their breaks. When you contact a landscape contractor for your project, you may want to make sure to let them know you want this space to be secluded. Professionals can design a paver patio area that provides privacy through the use of plantings, pergolas, fences, and retaining walls.

Convenient Built-In Seating Walls

Built-in seating walls provide convenient seating without the concern of upkeep that traditional patio furniture might require. Depending upon your property, this space could even include a fire feature where employees would love to spend their time. You can expect such structures to last for many years to come.

Outdoor Meeting Spaces

Being outdoors is known to inspire creativity and restore mental energy. When you have an outdoor space conducive to holding business meetings, you can reap the benefits of being outdoors. Be prepared for employees to share more creative ideas, show more enthusiasm, and have lower stress levels. It’s a good idea to have a shaded area for the employees who do not want to be in the sun, such as under a pergola or a pavilion. A pavilion would also provide shelter from the rain, still allowing your employees to conduct business meetings outdoors even during a rainstorm.

Have Beautiful Plantings Installed

Your surroundings are important. In fact, studies have shown that employees who work in a pleasing environment tend to perform better. Plants are known to affect happiness and relieve stress. Plus, they purify the air and are simply beautiful to look at. Depending on the design aesthetic that fits your brand or existing structures, you may want to have only greenery, or you may want to have a wide variety of colorful flowers and other plantings.

Invest in Commercial Property Maintenance

If you’re going to invest in an outdoor space for your employees, ensure that it is well taken care of by hiring a commercial property maintenance company to keep it looking its best. If it’s not, the outdoor space may have the opposite effect of what you were hoping for it to have. Cluttered and unmaintained areas could decrease productivity, cause stress, and generally make people unhappy. Plus, your property needs to look professional and well-maintained to make it look more welcoming to your customers, too.

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