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Fertilization Services in Northville

Lawn Fertilization in Northville, MI
Making Your Grass Greener

Nourishment for a strong, healthy lawn.

One great service that we offer is fertilization in Northville.   Lawn fertilizing is a great way to keep your yard weed free and green during the growing months. We recommend our six applications for Northville to keep your yard healthy and weed free we offer other packages as well including grub control and aeration for Northville.  We can keep your yard free of certain pest.  Don’t forgot about your plants.  Teddy’s offers packages to keep your plants and trees healthy in Northville.  Package can include fertilization, fungicides, insect control and dormite oil to name a few.   All of our technicians are state certified and attend annual educational classes to keep on the current trends and laws.  Our technicians will also re-evaluate your lawn each visit and adjust the program as needed to meet your lawns requirements to ensure a lush lawn in Northville.  Choosing Teddy’s for this service means that you will spend less time working on your yard and more time enjoying it.  Fertilizing is an easy and cost effective way to increase your curb appeal in your home in Northville.

Top quality lawn fertilization in Northville, Michigan

Satisfied Customers

“This company is as professional as they come. They have made the necessary investment in equipment and in employee training to provide a very valuable experience at a fair price. Their reliability and attention to detail are key discriminators that make them stand out as one of the best in their field.”

Jim J. via LinkedIn
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