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Commercial Plantings

Adding Color and Depth to Commercial Landscapes

Beautiful plantings make your business look more inviting.

Enjoy color all year with lush plantings expertly installed throughout your commercial landscape. From vibrant greenery to colorful blooms, our creative team curates the perfect plantings that will thrive and beautify your surroundings. 

Planting Beds & Displays

Whether you prefer a minimalist style with only green foliage or colorful plantings that represent your business branding, we’ll select premium plantings and create a design to achieve the look you prefer. Include perennials and annuals such as black-eyed Susans, purple coneflowers, hostas, and evergreens. 

Natural Privacy Fences

Provide areas of privacy using plantings to create a natural living fence. Evergreen privacy hedges or shrubs are low-maintenance, attractive options for outdoor dining room areas, recreational spaces, and more.

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