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Commercial Retaining & Seating Walls

Support for Your Commercial Landscape

Enhance your outdoor space with style and comfort.

Whether you need a retaining or seating wall primarily for beauty or function, our talented team will bring your project to fruition using only the highest quality materials. With nearly three decades in business, we are known for our expert craftsmanship. 

Retaining Walls

For a business on a steep slope, you may need a retaining wall to slow down the flow of rain water to prevent soil erosion and preserve the stability of the land. With built-in drainage to direct the water into an appropriate location, a retaining wall can help prevent flooding and the resulting damage. 

Seating Walls

Provide a convenient place to sit with built-in seating walls near the entrance of your business, in outdoor breakrooms, or surrounding the fire pit in your outdoor leisure areas. Seating walls can help define the various areas throughout your outdoor spaces and make them more inviting.

Landscaping Ideas to Make a Retaining Wall a Beautiful Focal Point in the West Bloomfield,
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