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Long-lasting, Beautifully Designed

Upgrade to a dependable paver driveway.

First impressions are everything, and they’re often made at the front entrance of a home. Make your home seem warmer and more welcoming with a gorgeous paver driveway built by Teddy’s award-winning team. Whether you prefer a whimsical pattern of multi-colored pavers or a minimalist style with monotone pavers, we’ll create a paver driveway that meets your style.


Our knowledgeable team uses only premium materials from manufacturers we trust. We are so confident in our team’s quality workmanship and the durability of our specially curated materials that we’ll include a three-year hardscape warranty with your paver driveway.


After more than 27 years of building a countless number of driveways, our family-owned company can be relied upon to construct a driveway that will last. With our history of unparalleled customer satisfaction, you can look forward to a more attractive driveway on which to park your vehicles and welcome your guests.

Top quality driveway, walkway and paver patio in Green Oak Township, MI

Satisfied Customers

“The 3 man crew arrived on time and installed the mulch with care and treated my landscaping as if it were their own. Claudio and his crew certainly deserve a raise for their professionalism and excellent work ethic!”

Pat R. via Angi 
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