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Mulch Installation

Retaining Moisture for Your Plants

Nurture your plant beds with quality mulch.

Proper plant bed mulching offers a myriad of benefits to your landscaping, including preventing unwanted fungus, protecting plant roots from the cold, encouraging thorough aeration, and insulating the soil to fight against frost during the colder season.

Premium Quality Mulch

Add beauty to your landscape with the addition of premium mulch to your plant beds. We offer a wide variety of mulch colors and woods, including hardwood, cedar, cypress, cocoa, pine straw, and colored mulch.

Care & Expertise

At Teddy’s Lawn & Landscape, we are passionate about caring for stunning and healthy landscapes that our customers love—it’s what we’ve been doing for nearly 30 years. From selecting the right mulch for your specific plantings to the installation process, we’ll be careful with existing plantings and work efficiently at every visit.

Mulch installation by leading landscaping companies near me in Beverly Hills, Orchard Lake, Bloomfield Hills MI

Satisfied Customers

"I purchased mulch in the spring, and when the delivery was made I was pleasantly surprised at the amount I received! For what I paid I received enough to have a generous amount in my whole front garden bed with extra to put in the back yard. And the quality was excellent! My garden still looks beautiful about 5 months later. Delivery was included in the cost, and the delivery time was very quick. I will order mulch from them again next year!"

Jena M. via Google
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