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Paver Patios & Walkways

Paving the Way for Outdoor Living

Take an enjoyable route to a comfortable destination with a paver patio.

A beautiful paver patio will give you the perfect vantage point for taking in the view of your landscape and breathing in the fresh air on a summer day. Sit in a comfortable patio chair while sipping an ice-cold drink straight from your fully equipped outdoor kitchen. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere in your backyard, relishing in the tranquility of a space built just for you.


When you want more than “me time,” you can use the patio as a gathering spot with friends and family. Imagine sitting together by a rustic fire feature while watching the sunset as the stars begin to light up the night sky. Listen to the crackle of the wood-burning fire and the joyful laughter of those you love most, and smile, knowing you’re right where you belong.


Top off this gorgeous view by including paver walkways in your landscape design to connect your various outdoor spaces. For both your patio and walkways, choose among a variety of premium paver shapes, colors, and patterns to create a truly unique outdoor space that suits your personal style.


With more than 27 years in business, our award-winning company has repeatedly demonstrated quality workmanship and integrity in everything we do. We are passionate about creating long-lasting outdoor living spaces and walkways for our valued customers and stand by this committee with our three-year hardscape warranty.

a beautiful paver patio and landscape design
Outdoor kitchen and paver patio in Superior Township, Northville MI

Satisfied Customers

“At the beginning of summer 2020, we hired Teddys to install a medium-sized patio in our back yard. It came out so unbelievably amazing that we decided to contract them to do a huge job including tearing out our deck and converting it to a big patio, ripping out our driveway and doing it in pavers, making multiple pathways, and more. I cannot begin to explain how amazing Teddys is.” 

Tori T. via Google
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