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Enhanced Aesthetics, Peace of Mind

Enclose your estate with beautiful and reliable fencing.

Welcome your guests to your home with an impressive driveway entry gate, or establish your property lines with durable and attractive fencing. With fencing installed by the hardworking Teddy’s team, you can be at ease knowing your children and pets won’t be able to wander off of your property. 

Design & Style Opportunities

Choose from a wide selection of premium fencing materials, including wood, vinyl, aluminum, and chain link. Whether you prefer full privacy, semi-privacy, or clear visibility, we offer a variety of options.

What You Can Expect

You can count on top-notch customer service from start to finish. Once you schedule a consultation, a friendly Teddy’s estimator will visit your property to discuss your design needs, take measurements, and provide a quote for labor and materials. Our knowledgeable team will help secure the necessary permits to ensure your fence meets all local codes. 

We’ll treat your property respectfully and as if it were our own as our expert craftsmen efficiently install your new fence. Our priority is to impress customers with our high-quality workmanship to ensure your satisfaction.

You can count on us to take meticulous care to ensure we leave your estate looking better than when we arrived. Before leaving, we ensure all work materials are cleaned up and your landscape is free of any work-related debris. 

Fencing Warranties

A limited manufacturer and three-year installation warranty cover our excellent workmanship and fencing.

Paver patio, outdoor kitchen and retaining wall in Orchard Lake MI

Satisfied Customers

"When our lawn mower broke a few months back, I was struggling to find an affordable option for my large yard. Teddy's Lawn and Landscaping was quick to give me a quote that was affordable, and they even started service that same week."

Jackie G. via Google
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