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Seasonal Services

Timely, Attentive Service

Taking care of your landscape year-round.

Our convenient seasonal services include attractive planting displays and holiday decorating, irrigation system winterization, core aeration, and spring and fall cleanups. As a family-owned business, we take pride in beautifying your landscape just as we would our own—so your outdoor spaces will look their best every season.

Seasonal Displays & Holiday Decorating

Give your home exterior and landscape a unique and festive look that changes with the seasons. Our talented team incorporates seasonal and holiday accents into landscapes, to make homes appear delightfully welcoming.


From planting bulbs to ensure springtime blooms to installing colorful annual summer plantings, our expert team will handle all of your landscape enhancements. Whether we’re creating mum and pumpkin porch displays for fall or hanging twinkling winter lights on fresh and aromatic evergreen wreaths, leave the details to us so you can enjoy all of life’s little moments.

Irrigation System Winterization

Our expert technicians will ensure your irrigation or sprinkler system is ready for winter, helping prevent potential damage caused by the freeze-thaw cycles. We’ll take care of the system shutdown, blowouts, water line drainage, insulation, and other irrigation system needs. In the spring, we’ll de-winterize your irrigation system to ensure a healthy and lush lawn for the growing season.

Core Aeration

Maintaining the health of your lawn will ensure the grass is lush and green throughout the growing season. With our spring and fall aeration services, our team uses core aerator equipment to remove plugs of grass and soil from your lawn—reducing soil compaction and thatch. When the root system has a chance to better absorb the nutrients it needs, you’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful lawn.

Dormant Pruning

While you may not think about having your shrubs and trees pruned in the wintertime, the practice of dormant pruning can be highly effective for certain plantings. Our knowledgeable technicians generally perform dormant pruning services between November and mid-March, which is the natural dormancy period for most plantings. Whether your evergreens or deciduous plantings need branches thinned out to allow air and light to circulate, or you need to force new growth on older plantings, we can help.

Evergreen Tree & Shrub Winterization

Ensuring your evergreens and shrubs can survive the elements during Michican’s harsh winters is a must. Our winterization services include applying a protective coating to broadleaf evergreens to preserve their health amid frigid and dry winter winds. We can also install protective burlap around plantings to shield them from salt, snow, and other winter conditions.

Spring & Fall Cleanup

A well-maintained landscape begins with spring cleanup and wraps up with fall cleanup. For nearly 30 years years, we have been masterfully pruning shrubs and hedges and cutting back perennials—to ensure optimal health for the next season. 


Our team is efficient and meticulous about tidying up your landscape by removing dead branches and debris that may accumulate over the winter. While the golden, red, and orange autumn leaves are beautiful, they make a mess when they fall to the ground. We’re ready with our top-of-the-line equipment to clear and remove debris from your property.

Tools of the trade

Our use of state-of-the-art tools and equipment ensures the best results.


  • Commercial-grade backpack blowers

  • Truck-mounted leaf vacuum systems

  • Mower-mounted bagging systems

  • Dump trucks with leaf boxes

Home Improvement Services

After we’ve readied your outdoor spaces for the wintertime, we can prepare the interior of your home for a seasonal change, whether you want to get ahead of spring cleaning or start the New Year with a fresh look. We offer basement finishing services and we help demolish existing structures. For cleaning out the clutter, we offer clean-out services and dumpster rentals.

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Satisfied Clients

“They will change the whole look of your Front or backyard, Great, Fast, Clean Job!”

Arian B. via Google 
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