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Greener Grass, Faster

Hydroseeding embeds grass roots right into the soil.

Rather than growing your grass on a sod farm and adding it to your landscaping, hydroseeding options can grow strong grass right on your property. By dispersing a mixture of viable seeds and moisture across your designated lawn area, these seeds will begin to germinate quicker and provide you with a greener and healthier-looking lawn.

We Work With What You Have

Whether you’re starting a new lawn from scratch or renovating an unhealthy one, we meet you where you’re at and help establish the lawn you’re dreaming of—even on steep slopes and expansive properties. Our on-staff horticulturists will analyze your unique property to ensure a healthy and vibrant lawn.

Premium Materials & Quality Work

The highly trained team at Teddy’s Lawn & Landscape quickly and meticulously uses the hydroseeding technique to apply premium fiber mulch, grass seed, tackifier, water, and fertilizer all at once. After nearly 30 years in business, we are experts at creating and maintaining beautiful and healthy lawns.

Hydroseeding and lawn care near me in Orchard Lake and Green Oak Township, MI

Satisfied Customers

“I've used Teddy's for the past 4 years cutting my lawn, they always done a great job, they have a great crew and the guys even moved the trampoline to cut. The office staff is very friendly when I have called.” 

Amber M. via Google
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