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Commercial landscaping in Farmington Hills MI

Commercial Property Maintenance

Let your business’s landscape shine

Accentuate the elegance of your commercial landscaping by keeping it healthy and manicured.

Setting High Standards

With extensive maintenance options carried out by our knowledgeable and detail-oriented team, we will keep your property looking pristine and inviting to all. Our state-of-the-art equipment and our knack for meeting demanding standards lead to reliable great service and optimal efficiency. Our regularly scheduled appointments for upkeep and beautification mean your property is sure to shine all year long.

Commercial landscaping in Orchard Lake, MI

Satisfied Clients

"My experience with Teddy’s Landscape was remarkable. I couldn’t have decided to go with a better company. Jim P the account manager was dependable, knowledgeable and gave the best price around. The service and job was completed in a timely manner. The workers were professional, courteous and extremely polite. I would highly recommend you to deal with Jim at Teddy’s Landscaping. Thank you Jim for your time, dedication, determination and superior customer service."

Pat Goodin via Google

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