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Ensuring a Strong and Healthy Lawn

Giving your root system space to breathe.

Like all living things, your lawn needs air, water, nutrients, and ample sunlight to survive and thrive. Over time, soil can become compacted—often from heavy foot traffic or machines. When this occurs, the root system cannot access these necessities, and lawn health will suffer. Aeration helps support and improve your lawn’s health and appearance.

Core Aeration

Our expert technicians will aerate your lawn using the core aeration technique. This involves mechanically removing plugs of soil and grass from your lawn, to create small holes in the lawn, allowing the soil to breathe and have better access to water, nutrients, and sunlight.

Aerate, Overseed & Fertilize

Spring and fall are ideal times to have your lawn aerated. They are also excellent times for overseeding because it allows the seeds room to reach the dirt and provides a better growing environment to help thicken your lawn. Our technicians can also apply a fertilizer application, which is especially effective immediately after we have aerated your lawn.

Lawn Aeration Benefits

  • Better access to air, water, and nutrients that encourages growth

  • Reduces potential pest and disease concerns by controlling thatch

  • Helps prevent stormwater runoff

  • Prepares the lawn for drought and winter dormancy

  • Promotes a lush and vibrantly green lawn

Hydroseeding and lawn care near me in Orchard Lake and Green Oak Township, MI

Satisfied Customers

“I've used Teddy's for the past 4 years cutting my lawn, they always done a great job, they have a great crew and the guys even moved the trampoline to cut. The office staff is very friendly when I have called.” 

Amber M. via Google
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