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Pergolas & Pavilions

Sturdy Shaded Protection

Shield your outdoor spaces from the elements.

Whether rain or shine, you can spend time outdoors with a convenient pergola or pavilion for shade and shelter. A pergola creates a calming effect with dappled shade, while a pavilion sets the feel of an outdoor “room.” By adding vertical interest and practicality to outdoor living areas, you’ll appreciate the beauty and many benefits of these features.

Pergolas add beauty to the landscape

Imagine the magical moments you can experience in your backyard beneath the filtered shade of a pergola. A string of outdoor globe lights hangs along the beams, accented by winding vines that climb the structure. Feel the cool breeze as you share an alfresco meal with your family on a hot summer day, or quietly relax and read a book in your favorite comfy patio chair.

A natural wood pergola would add a rustic feel to your landscape, while a white vinyl pergola would offer a sleek and modern style. Either feature can add a decorative element to your landscape, enhancing the appearance and your time spent outdoors.

beautiful pergola and landscaped backyard

Pavilions enhance outdoor living

Extend your living area into your outdoor space with a fully equipped pavilion that features an outdoor fireplace and a television. A pavilion set the tone for a perfect outdoor living area with complete protection from the elements. Built-in dimmable outdoor lighting allows you to enjoy ultimate luxury day or night, hosting game day gatherings and evening outdoor movie nights. 


Consider a freestanding poolside pavilion or have one built by your back door for easy access to your outdoor kitchen. The design and style options are limitless, and our commitment to using premium materials combined with our quality craftsmanship will ensure you can enjoy this shade structure for years to come.

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Satisfied Customers

“I have been using Teddy's for 2 summers to do all of my landscaping and maintenance. We are very happy with them! My home looks perfectly manicured and I don't have to lift a finger!”

Julie V. via Yelp
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