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Commercial Services

Beat the unpredictability of harsh winters

Ranked by Snow Magazine as a “Top 100 Snow Contractor,” Teddy’s is always paying attention to the weather and is ready to move at a moment’s notice. Southeast Michigan commercial properties of all sizes rely on the 24/7 operation of our snow removal team and our large fleet of state-of-the-art snowplows and other snow management equipment.

Comprehensive Snow & Ice Management

Preventative Anti-Icing to Help Ensure Safe Surfaces

Our trained ice management technicians don’t wait for surfaces to become slippery, but are proactive with anti-icing strategies to ensure ice does not form on your walkways, parking lots, and other surfaces. We use predictive information such as the weather forecast, the air and surface temperature, and wind speed and direction to determine when anti-icing is necessary and will be effective—and to optimize our efficiency and use of materials.


In the anti-icing process, we often use liquid anti-icing because of its convenience and effectiveness and because it can be applied 48 hours before a storm hits. We use a liquid calcium chloride blend to raise the freezing point and prevent ice from forming. 


When a granular material is used, we generally apply it right before the snow or ice storm begins, which prevents the displacement of the material. Some of the granular materials we use include rock salt road salt or treated road salt for parking lots and roads and calcium chloride blended ice melt with a corrosion inhibitor for sidewalks.


De-icing to Help Avoid Accidents & Injuries

Ice can appear unexpectedly during unpredictable winter storms, but we have a plan to help avoid the liability that can come with it. Our salting services not only de-ice and melt snow on your entryways and exits, but also provide increased traction so your customers can confidently navigate your property. 


Anti-icing and de-icing work hand-in-hand as a complete snow and ice management system, and each helps eliminates ice differently. Our highly knowledgeable technicians keep a close eye on the weather and will find the right solution for your specific situation based on surface and air temperature and your specific business needs. It is our pleasure to make your business run more smoothly by providing snow and ice management services for your commercial property. 

Sidewalk Clearing for Safe & Easy Access

We are committed to keeping your sidewalks clear of snow and ice to help ensure each person who visits your commercial property arrives safely and their path to get there is easy to navigate. In addition to these safety benefits, clear sidewalks make your business look much more warm and welcoming—they show that you are ready and waiting for the arrival of customers and employees. 


Depending on your property, we may use a skid steer with a snow pusher, wheel loader with a snow pusher, Snowrator, or ATV, but you can rest assured that we have the equipment needed to get the job done efficiently. We will also apply anti-icing or de-icing as necessary. Whichever snow and ice management method is deployed, you can count on our consistently superior services.

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Prompt Snow Plowing for Unimpeded Operations

We are quick to deploy our fleet of plow trucks, salt trucks, and liquid trucks at the first sign of snow so that your business can be safely accessed. Whether the operation of your business depends on having clear parking lots for customers or unobstructed lots for semi-traffic at a trucking facility or distribution center, we are committed to doing our part to keep your operations going no matter the weather.

Convenient Snow Removal & Relocation

Teddy’s is adept at removing and relocating snow from airports and cargo terminals and other commercial properties, eliminating inconvenient snow piles so your location can maintain a professional and orderly appearance. We methodically remove and relocate snow so access areas are clear of obstructions and cumbersome snow piles are not taking up valued space.

Convenient Snow Removal & Relocation.jpeg
Snow & Ice Management

Our Full-Service Commercial Snow and Ice Management Customers

Property managers throughout the metro Detroit area rely on us for our highly-esteemed snow and ice management services. Our number one priority is helping ensure the safety of your customers, residents, and employees as they navigate your property. Whether it’s keeping walkways and parking lots cleared at hospitals and retail centers, relocating snow for airports to minimize flight disruptions, or helping ensure students can confidently use walkways at educational campuses, we are ready to tackle the winter weather inconveniences on properties of all sizes to keep your business or organization running smoothly.

We serve all types of customers including:

Homeowner Associations
Medical Facilities
Senior Facilities
Manufacturing Facilities
Trucking Facilities
Distribution Centers


We are ready to serve every property type with our large fleet of top-of-line snow and ice management equipment:

Snow Relocation Dump Trucks
Plow Trucks
Liquid De-Icer & Anti-Icer Trucks

Snowrators & ATVs
Wheel Loader with Snow Pusher

Salt Trucks & Salters

Snow Augers & Scrapers for Under Trailers
Skid Steers & Wheel Loaders with Snow Pushers

Tractor Removing Snow

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Commercial snow removal in Canton, MI

Satisfied Clients

“Teddy's goes above and beyond to take care of their customers.  The quality is fantastic and they are very responsive.” 

Dan Wahl via Google
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