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Irrigation in Livonia, MI

Irrigation in Livonia, MI | Sprinkler Services
Healthy and Efficient Hydration


Do you have a lush green lawn in the spring and fall but in the summer it turns brown no matter what you do? Teddy’s lawn and landscape installs sprinklers in Livonia, MI. Installing a sprinkler system can keep your lawn green during the toughest droughts. Each sprinkler system that we installed is tailored to your yard, landscaping and budget. We use a variety of rotors, sprays or drip line to ensure that your lawn, shrubs, and flowers are getting proper water. We use trusted brands like K-rain, Rainbird, Hunter, and Toro on our installs and service to insure we are installing a quality product. Teddy’s has trained irrigation technicians on staff to install your sprinkler system in Livonia, MI.

Start up and Winterization

If you have a sprinkler system installed we do service them. We do a spring turn on to ensure that everything is working correctly and to keep your system at its prime. In the fall we winterize the system for you. We start winterizing in Livonia, MI at the beginning of October and finish by mid November. Without a proper winterization water can freeze inside your sprinkler system and can cause the pipes, heads and valves to expand and possibly crack. Don’t take the risk and have the professionals winterize your irrigation system.


If in the middle of the season your sprinkler system leaks or breaks we can service that also. Our irrigation truck is stocked to fix all repairs. An irrigation technician will show up at your property in Livonia, MI and get your system back up and running. Our technicians can handle any problem with your sprinkler system including but not limited to:​

~ Broken pipes or fittings

~ Repair or replace sprinkler timer (clock)

~ Sprinkler winterization or start up

~ General detailed inspection and tune-up

~ Repair or replace broken or inoperative sprinkler heads

~ Add new sprinkler heads or entire zone(s) of sprinkler heads

~ Diagnose and repair low pressure problems

~ Leaks found and eliminated

~ Detect and repair cut wires

~ Locate, repair or replace solenoids valves

~ Install, repair or replace automatic rain shut-off

~ Check system for coverage and operation of all heads and zones

~ For Techies we can install a sprinkler timer that you can control from your phone or web

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Satisfied Customers

“This company is as professional as they come. They have made the necessary investment in equipment and in employee training to provide a very valuable experience at a fair price. Their reliability and attention to detail are key discriminators that make them stand out as one of the best in their field.”

Jim J. via LinkedIn
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