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Landscape Design in Plymouth, MI

Your New Favorite Place

A newly created, exceptional outdoor living area will inspire you and your family to spend more time outside. Take in the view from the paver patio, get warm by the firepit, and enjoy the sense of nature from the beautiful plantings all around you. Transform your property with our one-of-a-kind personal touches and expert craftsmanship. We’ll enhance your surroundings while turning your backyard into your new favorite place to spend your time.

Residential Services

Landscape Design in Plymouth, MI

Innovative 3D designs are the starting point to a whole new way to view and enjoy your landscape.

Landscape Construction

Update your outdoor living experiences

Landscape Construction
Beautiful paver patio in Plymouth, MI

Paver Patio in Plymouth, MI

A beautiful paver patio will give you the perfect vantage point for taking in the view of your landscape and breathing in the fresh air on a summer day. Sit in a comfortable patio chair while sipping an ice-cold drink straight from your fully equipped outdoor kitchen.

Paver Patios
Durable retaining wall in Plymouth, MI

Retaining Wall in Plymouth, MI

Whether correcting a sloped area, creating a barrier between outdoor “rooms,” or adding more seating to the patio area, retaining walls are an aesthetically pleasing and versatile way to address challenges or create boundaries in the landscape.

Retainig Walls
Landscape plantings in Plymouth, MI

Plantings in Plymouth, MI

Bring out seasonal colors and mix up the color palette with a carefully selected and arranged mix of shrubs, perennials, and flowers. Whether you prefer traditional plants or unique tiers of foliage, we’ll introduce the right combination to enhance your home’s style.

Leading deck builders near me in Plymouth, MI

Deck Builders Near Me in Plymouth, MI

Composed of quality wood materials and crafted by experts, our large, comfortable decks provide stunning views of the landscape design. Enjoy the calm of the morning with a cup of coffee in hand or a delicious beverage after a long day. However you relax, you’ll find peace when using your custom-built deck.

Modern paver driveway in Plymouth, MI

Paver Driveway in Plymouth, MI

Make your home seem warmer and more welcoming with a gorgeous paver driveway built by Teddy’s award-winning team. Whether you prefer a whimsical pattern of multi-colored pavers or a minimalist style with monotone pavers, we’ll create a paver driveway that meets your style.

Concrete Driveways
Concrete driveway in Plymouth, MI

Concrete Driveway in Plymouth, MI

Say goodbye to your cracked, broken, or uneven driveway and embrace having the best-looking front entrance in the neighborhood. An expertly-built concrete driveway designed to withstand Michigan weather provides a reliable welcome home and a consistently strong and durable parking area.

Low-voltage outdoor lighting in Plymouth, MI

Outdoor Lighting in Plymouth, MI

Our experienced team can create an outdoor lighting plan that will completely transform your landscape—from your outdoor living areas (such as your outdoor kitchen and pool deck) to your vibrant plant beds and stunning water features.

Landscape Lighting
Fire pit and outdoor fireplace in Plymouth, MI

Fire Features in Plymouth, MI

Grab a blanket and sip your coffee by the fire while watching the sunrise on a crisp and cool morning. In the evening, gather around the fire to make s’mores with the kids for a fun-filled summer night.

Fire Features
Outdoor kitchen in Plymouth, MI

Outdoor Kitchen in Plymouth, MI

Choose the outdoor kitchen features that suit your preferences—that may mean granite countertops, top-of-the-line stainless-steel appliances, a large bar area with a built-in tap, a pavilion to provide shelter, or all of the above.

Outdoor Kitchens
Stunning pergola & pavilion in Plymouth, MI

Pergola & Pavilion in Plymouth, MI

Whether rain or shine, you can spend time outdoors with a convenient pergola or pavilion for shade and shelter.

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Pergolas & Pavillions
Seatwalls with paver patio in Plymouth, MI

Landscape Design in Plymouth, MI

Our 3D design renderings allow you to see what your landscape will look like when the project is complete, ensuring your satisfaction before we even begin building.

Landscape Design
Seatwalls with paver patio in Plymouth, MI

Seawalls in Plymouth, MI

We have all the heavy equipment and trucks needed to properly excavate your site. With various seawall building materials available, you can have the design and style that suits your preferences.

Seatwalls with paver patio in Plymouth, MI

Fence Installation in Plymouth, MI

Welcome your guests to your home with an impressive driveway entry gate, or establish your property lines with durable and attractive fencing. With fencing installed by the hardworking Teddy’s team, you can be at ease knowing your children and pets won’t be able to wander off of your property. 

Residential Fencing
Landscaping company for drainage in Plymouth, MI

Drainage in Plymouth, MI

Drainage deserves special attention during a landscape transformation. A plan should be devised early on in the process to prevent damage to your home’s foundation, basement, or outdoor areas.

Sodding in Plymouth, MI

Lawn Service in Plymouth, MI

Transform your yard from empty to inspired with our reliable sodding services. In mere hours, our team of dedicated professionals will lay the grass sod down on your once-bare property to give the look and feel of gorgeous mature grass right away.

Hydroseed in Plymouth, MI

Hydroseed in Plymouth, MI

Rather than growing your grass on a sod farm and adding it to your landscaping, hydroseeding options can grow strong grass right on your property. By dispersing a mixture of viable seeds and moisture across your designated lawn area, these seeds will begin to germinate quicker and provide you with a greener and healthier-looking lawn.

Irrigation services in Plymouth, MI

Irrigation in Plymouth, MI

We will design and install an irrigation system catered to your property’s needs so that you’ll be confident that your beautiful landscape will be healthy and properly hydrated. Our maintenance services will ensure your irrigation system is working at its best.

Irrigation & Sprinklers

Let’s take your vision and create a place where you will want to spend the majority of your time.

Stunning paver patio in Livonia, Beverly Hills, Nov MI

Satisfied  Customers

“I had a brick paver patio installed by Teddy’s and I could not be happier with the quickness and quality of the patio installation. Within 2 weeks of finalizing the patio design, the material arrived and the crew started excavation. The crew was very polite and professional. The owner was also on-site to oversee the project. Overall great experience and would recommend Teddy’s to install your patio.” 

Bryan S. via Google
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