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5 Landscaping Favorites Among Deck Builders Near Me in the Farmington Hills, MI Area

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

If you are having a deck built at your home in the Farmington Hills, MI, area, you may be interested in a complete transformation that includes new landscaping features. If you perform a Google search for “deck builders near me,” you’ll find a list of deck builders that can help you get started with the process. Professionals can offer landscaping suggestions that will help complement your home, deck, and landscape.

5 Landscaping Favorites Among Deck Builders Near Me in the Farmington Hills, MI Area

An Attached Paver Patio

A deck pairs well with an attached paver patio that helps expand your outdoor living space. The difference in materials between the deck and the pavers help create distinct areas, creating different rooms throughout your outdoor space.

While it is generally not recommended to have a wood-burning fire feature directly on a deck surface, a paver patio is an ideal place for one. Having a paver patio near your deck allows you to have the best of both worlds in your own backyard.

Pavers are available in a variety of styles, colors, shapes, and textures, so the addition of a paver patio adds style and color to your outdoor space. It can complement your deck area and your home.

Professionally Curated Plantings

Add the beauty of nature around your deck area with perfectly curated plantings. Professionals can select healthy and vibrant plantings that thrive in your unique environment. With professionally designed planting beds, your backyard space will be aesthetically pleasing and inviting. You’ll want to spend as much time outside enjoying the beauty as you can.

Consider having perennials, shrubs, and hedges installed. Hedges around the perimeter of your backyard can create a natural privacy fence so you can enjoy spending time outside on your deck in comfort without worrying about prying eyes.

Outdoor Lighting

Ensure you and your guests can see clearly in the evenings by including outdoor lighting around your deck area. Built-in lighting can be installed on the steps of your deck to help avoid trips and falls.

Lighting can also enhance the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space. With an energy-saving LED outdoor lighting system, you can control the lights from a convenient app on your smartphone. These smart-systems often allow you to change the color of the light, so if you want to add festivity to your Fourth of July party, you can change the lights to red, white, and blue.


Consider having a pergola included in your landscape design to enhance your comfort outdoors. A pergola provides dappled shade that will make a hot day feel a little cooler. Plus, you can have plantings installed, such as climbing vines, that will create a canopy at the top of your pergola.

Have a string of outdoor lights installed along the beams of the pergolas to add ambiance to your outdoor space. You can have an outdoor dining table installed in this area to create a relaxed dining room area where you can enjoy delicious alfresco meals with friends and family.


To complete your backyard space, add sodding in addition to your new deck. This will create an instant lawn so you can enjoy lush and green grass. You’ll be able to play ball with your kids or simply enjoy the beautiful view. With sodding, you’ll have a complete outdoor living area quickly.

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