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Dine in Your Backyard Landscaping by Adding an Outdoor Kitchen in Farmington Hills & Orchard Lake MI

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Imagine being able to enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner outside in the fresh air. With an outdoor kitchen, you can have a more enjoyable dining experience where you can view the beautiful landscaping at your Farmington Hills or Orchard Lake, MI, home. Here are some ideas, features, and benefits you can expect when you have an outdoor kitchen in your backyard.

Dine in Your Backyard Landscaping by Adding an Outdoor Kitchen in Farmington Hills & Orchard Lake MI

Top-of-the-Line Outdoor Appliances

Make your dining experience even better with the addition of top-of-the-line outdoor appliances. With a built-in gas grill, you can cook steaks, burgers, and hotdogs for your protein source. For a smoky flavor, consider having a Green Egg smoker built into your outdoor kitchen for smoking meats of all types. Including a cooktop surface will allow you to boil corn on the cob or steam broccoli for your veggie. You may even enjoy the delicious flavor of homemade pizza straight from your built-in outdoor pizza oven.

For beverages, consider including a stainless steel outdoor refrigerator. You may enjoy a built-in wine cooler or keg where you and your guests can easily access ice-cold drinks when you need them.

High-End Materials

An outdoor kitchen built with high-end materials will look sophisticated and provide a luxurious experience. Your outdoor kitchen can be just as functional as your indoor kitchen. Premium quality pavers will add durability, strength, and beauty. Consider having countertops installed that are made of quartz or marble and stainless steel or natural stone veneer cabinetry. With high-quality materials like these, you can expect to use your outdoor kitchen for many years to come.

Comfort Features

Enjoy a break from the sunshine with the addition of a pergola for shade while cooking and dining. Since a pavilion provides full shelter, you can enjoy cooking and dining outdoors even when it’s raining outside. Be sure to have plenty of comfortable patio furniture so you can gather around your patio table for good conversation and delicious food.

Enhanced Aesthetics

A beautiful outdoor kitchen can enhance the overall aesthetics of your outdoor space. Since pavers are available in a variety of colors, styles, shapes, and textures, there are numerous design and style options for the floor surface. Your landscape contractor can help you get the design and style that you prefer that creates a cohesive look with your landscaping and your home.

Increased Ambiance

Add ambiance to your outdoor space by including an outdoor fireplace in your outdoor dining room area. You can enjoy meals beside the warmth and glow of the fire, which creates a setting that’s perfect for quiet date nights at home and large social gatherings with friends and family.

A nearby fire pit is another option for creating a place where you can gather to roast hotdogs or roast marshmallows to make s'mores for dessert. You can also enjoy a good meal in your outdoor dining area before retreating to the fire pit area for good conversation.

Consider having outdoor lighting included in your landscape design so that you can enjoy spending time outside no matter what time of day. Strings of outdoor globe lighting hung along the beams of your pergola can also add ambiance to your outdoor space.

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With over 27 years serving Southeast Michigan, Teddy’s Lawn & Landscape is a family-owned, award-winning business providing quality workmanship in all that we do, from landscape designs and construction to caring for the outdoor spaces of residences and commercial properties

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