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Keep a Pristine Lawn in Beverly Hills, MI by Choosing Carefully in “Landscaping Companies Near Me"

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Are you dreaming of a pristine lawn that is the envy of your Beverly Hills, MI, neighborhood? This can be the perfect time to search for “landscaping companies near me” to arrange services for achieving a lush carpet of grass that makes the whole landscape look fresh and inviting. Be sure to search for these services to ensure your lawn gets what it needs.

Keep a Pristine Lawn in Beverly Hills, MI by Choosing Carefully in “Landscaping Companies Near Me"

Professional Lawn Mowing

In the growing season, a lawn can typically need to be mowed more than once per week to ensure it is remaining at the right height for good health. A landscape company has a team that can make short work of what could take one person half a Saturday to do on their own.

Their mowers always have sharp blades that cut the grass. A dull mower blade can rip the grass, leaving it susceptible to disease and pests finding a way to the roots through the ragged edge.

Another way they keep your lawn pristine is to mow from various starting points at each visit. This can ensure that the grass doesn’t become too low at the same starting point. When grass is low over a period of time, the sun can dry out the roots and leave them withered and dead.

A professional lawn care team uses edgers and blowers to give your grass those clean edges that make a well-cared-for lawn noticeable.

Fertilizer Applications

All living things, including grass, need nutrients to live and thrive. This is what fertilizer does for your lawn, providing the necessary micronutrients to feed the grass plants.

One of the problems with fertilizer can be that non-experts might not know what ratio of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus is right for the grass type. Another potential issue can be that the timing of the applications can be confusing. Is it just in the spring? Or should fertilizer be applied in the summer? When dealing with the experts, this uncertainty is not an issue.

It’s best not to take chances: Fertilizers can burn the grass if too much is applied without rain or watering, while too little fertilizer may not have the desirable effect. Pristine lawns need expert application fertilizer and this is where the services of landscape professionals can take out the guesswork and ensure your grass remains vibrant for as long as possible.

Shrub Trimming

Trimming the shrubs can require special equipment, depending their size, and an expertise to ensure they continue to grow properly. An experienced, well-established landscape company has sharp hedge trimmers, chainsaws, pole pruners, and other state-of-the-art equipment to keep shrubs and trees looking healthy and attractive.

Plus, they offer fine gardening services to keep your plant beds producing perennial and seasonal colors and flowers for the landscape. They can pull the weeds that can mar your landscape beds, add fresh mulch to protect the tender roots, and replant when necessary.

A pristine lawn and landscape don’t happen by chance—an experienced landscape company can handle any services to care for your landscaping properly, and more.

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With over 27 years serving Southeast Michigan, Teddy’s Lawn & Landscape is a family-owned, award-winning business providing quality workmanship in all that we do, from landscape designs and construction to caring for the outdoor spaces of residences and commercial properties

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