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Seasonal Landscaping Ideas to Consider This Fall in the Superior Township, MI, Area

A season change can be a great source of inspiration for planning out updates to your landscaping. As the weather cools down, you may be thinking of new ways you could enjoy your outdoor spaces. If you have been meaning to put a plan in place that accounts for seasonal differences in your landscaping, and not just focus on the summer months, there are some landscape features that are especially beneficial this time of year. These features would help you fully enjoy a festive fall in the Superior Township, MI, area.

Seasonal Landscaping Ideas to Consider This Fall in the Superior Township, MI, Area

Fall-Friendly Fire Features

Nothing ties together a natural looking scene quite like taking in the view beside a fire, and feeling the fire’s warmth. Having a backyard fire feature—a custom fire pit or outdoor fireplace—would be a fantastic addition to your property that will certainly warm up your autumnal landscape design.

A custom fire feature would allow you to make a cozy fire whenever you wanted and to comfortably enjoy the outdoors during the colder autumn evenings. Opt for a gas-fueled fireplace, and you could start the seasonal fun as quickly as possible.

Your choice of materials can reflect the style of your home, and complement your house’s exterior, whether you have a historic property or a more modern home. The look of natural stone, with textured wall blocks that resemble the real thing, could look fitting for any style home, while a more sleek appearance for your outdoor feature may be preferred if you want a more refined, more contemporary look.

A Pergola for Celebrations

Having your landscape contractor build a pergola—an outdoor structure providing both shade and, in some cases, shelter from the elements—could be the perfect way to prepare for the fall festivities to come.

As the trees begin to turn their varied colors and the urge to celebrate the season change grows, a covered space on your property would provide a great talking point for your party guests, an eye-catching focal point for your decorations, and a central gathering area for smaller social events.

Outdoor Kitchen Means Outdoor Fun

With the addition of an outdoor kitchen, cooking outdoors is no longer confined to the summer months! Good food is often the signature go-to for a great experience in the outdoors, and an outdoor kitchen allows you to evolve beyond the simple autumn picnic.

Whether you want a simple outdoor bar for entertaining guests or prefer a full kitchen complete with granite countertops, a built-in refrigerator and wine cooler, and even a pizza oven, with the right landscaping contractor your dream outdoor kitchen can become a reality.

Creating a Comprehensive Landscape Design

With a comprehensive landscape design plan, your entire outdoor space can be refurbished to meet your seasonal needs (not just fall) while also combining the different aspects of your landscaping goals into one beautifully cohesive project that accounts for how all the features of the landscape—such as the fire pit, pergola, and outdoor kitchen—will appear together before they are built.

This may also be an opportune time to consider how the seasonal changes affect the landscaping itself, namely drainage. A new drainage solution could be incorporated to prevent water from pooling during fall storms and to prepare for the season’s heavier precipitation. A retaining wall could be necessary for preventing soil erosion. And plantings that are known to bloom in the fall could be a welcome addition in planting beds designed to feature colors year-round.

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