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Sodding in West Bloomfield

Commercial Landscaping West Bloomfield MI
Quick Yard Enhancement

Why wait for a beautiful lawn?

Is it time for a new lawn, or are you starting from scratch on your property in West Bloomfield? Is your grass brown, patchy, and unhealthy? You need to use Teddy’s Lawn & Landscape’s sodding service. There’s no waiting where sodding is concerned. It’s an instant lawn, which is a plus over seeding and hyrdoseeding.  Sodding a lawn is the fastest and easiest way to establish a lawn.  This is prefect for new construction were you currently have no grass.   Sod can even be installed on steep hills to control erosion.  If you are looking for the quickest way to turn your barren or weed filled yard into a lush carpet of grass blades then sod grass is the way to go in West Bloomfield.

Teddy’s prefers to use sod grown on top of topsoil, as opposed to grown on peat. After sod is installed, Teddy’s offers a full fertilization program to keep your lawn looking lush.

Reasons to choose Teddy’s for your Sodding Service in West Bloomfield:
  • Competitive pricing in West Bloomfield

  • Professional landscape designers with years of experience

  • Wide selection of grasses

  • Horticulturalists on staff to ensure a thriving lawn

  • Multiple crews to ensure a fast and quality install

Lawn Mowing, Lawn Services Near Me West Bloomfield MI

Satisfied Customers

“This company is as professional as they come. They have made the necessary investment in equipment and in employee training to provide a very valuable experience at a fair price. Their reliability and attention to detail are key discriminators that make them stand out as one of the best in their field.”

Jim J. via LinkedIn
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