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Ensure Your Business Has Proper Outdoor Lighting in the Orchard Lake and West Bloomfield, MI, Areas

If your commercial budget includes adding outdoor lighting to your Orchard Lake and West Bloomfield, MI, areas business areas, locating a reputable landscape company can be essential to getting the ideal illumination plan. Strategic outdoor lighting can improve your customers’, tenants’, or employees’ experiences and ensure visibility for everyone coming and going after dark.

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Ensure Your Business Has Proper Outdoor Lighting in the Orchard Lake and West Bloomfield, MI, Areas

Light the Entries

Outdoor lighting can both help visitors affirm where they are and where they need to go while bringing the beauty of your commercial property to the forefront as well. There are the obvious areas to keep illuminated, such as along any walkways or open areas around your front doors, and the not so obvious, such as bringing attention to the beautiful greenery that decorates your front landscape during the day and doesn’t need to be hidden at night. Lighting added to the landscaped spaces around the main door can increase the visual appeal of your business and entice customers to come inside. Adding spotlights that direct light upward toward the sign can also be helpful.

Other outdoor lighting techniques are focused on the practical: Illuminating the loading dock and other similar spaces, for instance, can keep your employees safe as they take out the trash and close up for the night. Proper lighting in such areas can prevent accidents, too.

Minimize Dark Areas

A careful examination of the dark landscape can show spaces where the lighting should go in addition to the usual lighting placement. While every great business space outdoor lighting plan includes walkways, parking areas, and entries, placing light fixtures that eliminate the dark corners and other dark areas can be crucial. Eliminating the darkness around areas where customers and employees might trip and fall is another essential step. Small ponds and green-living spaces can require nighttime illumination to maintain safety and give visitors a moment to pause and enjoy your commercial property's view.

Ambient and Brighter Lights

Warm lights can look best nestled in landscape beds to give the greenery a magical look after dark. The lighting closer to the building can be brighter, as more attention will be paid to the entryway.

Landscape professionals understand how to plan the lights so that it is comfortable to the eye with no glare, while also offering direction to important areas. From purely aesthetic lighting to task lighting, the wattage and lighting color chosen can set a particular aesthetic throughout a commercial property.

Utilize the Right Lights

Choosing cool-to-the-touch and low-energy use LED lights can minimize the impact of outdoor lighting on your electricity bill. LED lights are long-lasting and can deliver the ideal lighting for specific areas. Where you need brighter lighting for visibility and dimmer lighting to add an ambient look, there is an LED lighting strategy that works.

The right lighting plan can operate on an automatic system that you can control with an app on your smartphone or you can let it work as programmed. Another notable advantage to having an automatic lighting system can be that it operates the lights at night when there is motion. This can be a savings strategy since the lights don’t remain on all night when not needed in low-traffic areas.

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