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6 Areas of Your Retail Space That Need Outdoor Lighting in Northville, MI

Outdoor lighting not only illuminates the surrounding areas so that your customers and employees can see clearly, but it also makes your business look more warm and welcoming. Here are some of the areas of your retail space that could benefit from strategically placed outdoor lighting.

6 Areas of Your Retail Space That Need Outdoor Lighting in Northville, MI

Parking Lot

You want your parking lot to be well-lit so that your customers and employees can have peace of mind when entering and exiting their vehicles. If you have trees located throughout your parking lot, this provides a great opportunity to have lighting installed to not only highlight the trees themselves but also to illuminate the parking lot area. For example, outdoor lighting could be installed toward the top of the trees and shine downward, either flooding the area with light or creating a moonlighting effect that produces shadows of the tree limbs and branches onto the ground. This lighting technique also adds character and ambiance to your outdoor space.


It’s also important to make sure all walkways are well-lit. Outdoor light fixtures can be installed along the walkways, which not only provides lighting to these areas but also adds character and style to the space. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that the brightly-lit walkways will prevent your customers and employees from tripping and falling. This lighting will be appreciated throughout every season, but can be especially helpful during the winter season where there could be snow and ice posing an extra risk for potential falls. However, you should also consider hiring a company to take care of your snow and ice removal in addition to having outdoor lighting installed.

Entrances and Exits

Keeping the entrances and exits of your business well-lit is also essential. Not only does this provide an extra sense of security, but it also illuminates the spaces where your customers and employees will be walking. The bright lighting also makes your retail establishment look welcoming and open for business. You certainly don’t want customers to drive away because they believe your store is closed because it looks too dark from the outside.

Flower and Plant Beds

If you have beautiful flowers and vibrant plantings in your flower and plant beds, you will want them to be visible even when it’s dark outside. Ample lighting in these areas provides ambiance to your outdoor space and gives it a professional looking appearance. Let your customers enjoy your beautiful landscape no matter the time of day or night.


Many retail stores have a sign located in a plant or flower bed near the entrance of the establishment. If the sign does not have built-in lighting, having spotlights installed near the base of the sign and shining upwards will illuminate the sign so that everyone knows what your business is, whether it’s day or night.

Architectural Features

Outdoor lighting can be installed to highlight architectural features throughout your business property. Outdoor lighting can illuminate the sides of your building and highlight the unique materials, lines, and shapes of your architecture. This makes your building look more welcoming, which could attract more customers to your establishment.


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