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Equipment a Commercial Landscaping Company Uses for Commercial Lawn Mowing Near Superior Township MI

When you are looking for commercial lawn mowing and commercial landscaping in the Superior Township, MI area, you may be curious about what types of equipment these companies usually use. Many commercial lawn care companies provide weekly or biweekly maintenance in addition to lawn mowing, so the variety of equipment used is more than just a lawnmower. Some of the services that are often included in a commercial landscaping package are lawn mowing, edging, trimming, debris pickup, and blowing clippings from all hard surfaces and flower beds. In this article, we have highlighted some of the equipment that commercial landscaping companies tend to use.

Equipment a Commercial Landscaping Company Uses for Commercial Lawn Mowing Near Superior Township MI

Zero-Turn Riding Lawn Mowers

If your commercial property is a large property with a lot of areas to mow, a zero-turn riding lawn mower could often be used for this task. These riding mowers are thought to be easy to maneuver, which increases efficiency so that the job can be completed quickly. Zero-turn riding mowers offer more visibility at the front of the mower, which makes it easier for the technician to have more precision. In the case that your commercial property is located on steep terrain, there are often special wheels for zero-turn riding lawn mowers that allow for better steering and control in these situations.

Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers

For smaller commercial properties, or for areas that are not accessible with a zero-turn riding lawn mower, a walk-behind mower may be used. Walk-behind mowers are considered fairly easy to control and simple to operate. In the event that there are obstacles that need to be removed from the mowing path, climbing off of and back on a riding lawn repeatedly can be a hassle, which makes walk-behind lawn mowers a great alternative in these situations.

Lawn Edgers

Lawn edgers are used to trim the grass on the very edge of the lawn, often near walkways, parking lots, and flowerbeds. Edging prevents grass from growing onto these surfaces. The use of lawn edgers can give your landscape a manicured appearance, which is perfect for commercial properties since they must always look well-kept.

String Trimmers

If there are tight spots that either a zero-turn riding mower or a walk-behind mower cannot reach, a string trimmer will be used. String trimmers are often used along fences, beneath benches, flower beds, near trees, along the walls of buildings, and on walkways. This tool works great in areas with uneven or rocky ground. The string trimmer is another tool that will help keep your commercial landscape aesthetically pleasing.

Backpack Blowers

A backpack blower is basically a leaf blower that can be easily carried on a technician’s back. Backpack blowers work great when there are large areas of land to cover on a commercial property. When the mowing, trimming, and edging tasks are complete, a technician will usually use a backpack blower to clear off any grass clippings or debris from the hard surfaces such as walkways, stairs, and parking lots. This ensures that your commercial landscape looks clean and well-manicured.

For consistently efficient and effective landscaping care, you will want to partner up with a commercial lawn mowing company that uses skilled technicians and reliable equipment.


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