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How You Can Make Your Paver Patio Stand Out With Expert Outdoor Lighting in Green Oak Township, MI

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

If you want your paver patio to stand out at your Green Oak Township, MI, home, you may want to consider having a custom outdoor lighting plan put into place. Such lighting can be installed to make the space appear more warm and welcoming. There are many ways to use outdoor lighting to make your paver patio stand out and increase the amount of time that you can spend outside—even in the evenings.

How You Can Make Your Paver Patio Stand Out With Expert Outdoor Lighting in Green Oak Township, MI

Walkway Lights

Having outdoor lights installed along the walkways that lead to your paver patio is an excellent idea. These lights keep walkways well-lit so that anyone walking on them can see clearly and avoid stumbles and falls. Plus, guests who are unfamiliar with your landscape will appreciate the lights when it is dark outside. In terms of your everyday enjoyment, this type of outdoor lighting will help to make your overall landscape beautiful at night and can bring out the specialness of your paver walkways.

Step Lights

These built-in lights brighten up each step so that everyone can clearly see each step, which will also help to avoid tripping. Plus, these lights make your overall landscape look more impressive and elegant when the entire outdoor lighting plan is devised with care.

String Lights

One reason you may have been drawn to the idea of a pergola is the image of string lights hanging in the rafters. These lights, when used in conjunction with other types of landscape lighting around your backyard, can add to the overall magical effect you hope to create in your backyard, while improving the ambiance of your outdoor spaces.


If you have beautiful features near your paver patio area, you will want to make sure they can be seen and appreciated even when it is dark outside. This is where spotlights come in. Spotlighting highlights a specific object or area and draws the eye. Perhaps you have statues or other artistic displays near your patio area. Spotlights can shine directly onto these features to make them stand out. Water features, such as water fountains or waterfalls, are another excellent place for spotlighting.

Uplighting and Downlighting

If you have beautiful architecture on your home near the patio, you may choose to have uplighting that will provide a dramatic look to your space. This looks especially beautiful on homes built with jagged-edged stones because it produces shadows that highlight those lines.

Another outdoor lighting method to consider is downlighting. Downlighting involves placing a light up high on an object and shining it directly downwards. Spotlights can be placed at the top of trees near your patio and shine downwards on the branches and leaves. When the wind blows, this will cause the shadows to dance upon the ground and create a beautiful ambiance that will make your paver patio space stand out.


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