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Improve Your Landscaping in the Farmington Hills and Bloomfield, MI, Area with an Irrigation System

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

You may have come across this article while searching for irrigation expertise in the Farmington Hills and Bloomfield, MI, area. You will quickly discover that having an irrigation system installed can result in many benefits. While an irrigation system will certainly improve the look of your landscaping, there are many other benefits as well, and we have listed some of those below.

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Improve Your Landscaping in the Farmington Hills and Bloomfield, MI, Area with an Irrigation System

Maintains a Vibrant Landscape

Living things consistently need water, which is why relying on the weather to provide enough water to make the grass and plants in your landscape thrive is not enough. With an irrigation system, you can ensure that your grass is lush, vibrantly green, and healthy by having more control over how much water it receives and how often it receives water. When plants have the essential nutrients they require to survive, with ample sunshine and water, they will be healthy and thrive. This can result in more blooms and greener foliage.

Reduces Weeds

The reason that an irrigation system can help with weed reduction is that it allows you to target specific areas for watering. An expertly installed irrigation system can direct the water toward the root systems of specific plants, rather than watering every inch of soil. When the entire area is watered, instead of a targeted area, weeds will also receive water that aids in their growth. In addition to weed reduction, an irrigation system also prevents fungi and plant diseases from showing up on your landscape.

Prevents Uneven Watering

Without an irrigation system, it can be difficult to ensure that your entire landscape receives the same amount of water, which can result in patchy and uneven grass growth. An irrigation system is strategically placed so that all parts of your lawn receive equal amounts of water if that is what your landscaping needs. However, professionals also take into account the slope of the land, which can cause water to flow down and accumulate in specific areas. A well-designed irrigation system will factor in all of these details so that your lawn looks evenly watered.

Conserves Water

A common misconception about irrigation systems is that they waste water and negatively impact the environment, when in fact the opposite is true. Watering by hand is frequently a guessing game, and oftentimes too much water ends up being used. Irrigation systems generally have water gauges and moisture sensors so that water is not wasted. Healthy plants release oxygen into the air, absorb pollutants, and prevent erosion—all things that have a positive impact on the environment.

Enables Customized Options

Another benefit of having an irrigation system is that it makes life easier for the homeowner. Since it can be set on a schedule, you will not have to worry about having your lawn and plants watered when you are away on vacation. An irrigation system can automatically adjust according to the season and how much precipitation has occurred. Plus, the timers allow for watering at the optimal times of the day, usually early in the morning, without you having to lift a finger.

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