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5 Benefits to Including a Retaining Wall in Your Backyard in Bloomfield Hills & Orchard Lake, MI

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

If you are considering a retaining wall for your Bloomfield Hills and Orchard Lake, MI, area home, you may be pleased to know that there are numerous benefits to having a retaining wall built. Retaining walls offer both a visual element and a functional element that will benefit your outdoor space and make it the outdoor oasis that you have always dreamed of. Here are just some of the benefits of including a retaining wall in your backyard design transformation.

Retaining Wall Beverly Hills MI - 5 Benefits to Including a Retaining Wall in Your Backyard

An Attractive Addition

A professionally built retaining wall can add aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space. It gives the eye a place to focus and makes the space more attractive. The materials that are used to build the retaining wall can complement the style of your home so that the space has a cohesive look in design and architecture. Plus, retaining walls are an excellent place for flower beds, which would make your outdoor space even more beautiful. They can also be used as a ledge to place decorative accents to beautify your outdoor space.

Flood Control

Retaining walls can be used to direct water into appropriate areas, such as the street, for proper water management. This is important because it can help with flood control when used as a part of the water flow management system. This means that water will no longer flow directly towards your home, so you likely will not have to deal with a flooded basement and all of the problems that go along with it such as damage to your home or mold growth.

Reduced Soil Erosion

If you live near a steep slope, preventing soil erosion is an important thing to consider not only for the integrity of your home but for environmental reasons too. During heavy rainfalls, the water can pour down the hill and wash away the soil. Not only can this be a hazard, but it also creates unsightly areas in your front or back yard. When soil erosion occurs, it strips the essential nutrients out of the soil so that plants will not be able to grow and thrive, leaving bare spots throughout your landscape. A properly built retaining wall can slow down and direct rainwater so that soil erosion does not occur.

More Functional Space

Retaining walls are often built near patios, which increases the functional space. They can also be designed with built-in seating, which is perfect for an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Retaining walls also help separate the various areas of outdoor space, such as the outdoor living room, outdoor kitchen, pool area, and fire feature areas. This makes the outdoor living space look professionally designed and impressive.

Slope Control

If any part of your landscape sits on a steep slope, you can create more functional space by having retaining walls built. You can have a series of retaining walls built with stairs connecting the various levels. Not only will this make your outdoor space easier to navigate, but it will also flatten out each level and give you the opportunity to turn it into a usable space. Whether that be for a fire pit area, a vegetable or flower garden, or simply a flat area where your children can play.

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