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How Lawn Service Near Me Can Help With a Perennial Garden Installation Bloomfield & Beverly Hills MI

Updated: May 18, 2023

You may have performed a Google search for “lawn service near me” in Bloomfield and Beverly Hills, MI, expecting to find a lawn mowing service. However, lawn service companies offer so much more than just lawn mowing services. These companies can help keep your landscape looking beautiful all year round, such as by installing perennial gardens.

How a Lawn Service Near Me Can Also Help With a Perennial Garden Installation in Bloomfield and Beverly Hills, MI

What’s a Perennial?

A perennial is a plant that will come back year after year. They’re often cold-hardy and can survive the winter. However, it’s important to make sure that the perennial will be hardy enough to be planted in the Bloomfield and Beverly Hills, MI, areas. Around here, plants that are rated for zone 6a can survive temperatures as low as 10 degrees Fahrenheit below zero, which is essential for the frigid Michigan winter weather.

Not only will your lawn service professionals have the expertise to know which plants are best suited for the area, but there are also other ways that a lawn service company can help with perennial garden installation.

Designing a Flower Bed That Meets Your Vision

Perhaps you’ve found a photo of a beautiful flower bed that you would like to have re-created on your property. You can show this photo to landscaping professionals who will be able to design a flower bed that meets your vision. These professionals can quickly identify plants, and if any of the plants in the photo will not be hardy enough for your landscape, they can offer alternative replacement ideas. There are many considerations when planning a flower bed, so it’s best to leave it to the professionals if you want to have good results.

Perennial Selection

If you have no ideas on what kind of perennials you would like, your lawn care specialists can make the selections for you, based on what would work best for your property, and If you aren’t sure where to even start, your lawn service company can assist with selecting the perennials that would work best for your property. They will carefully select the perennials to install, with expert knowledge of the light and soil requirements of each plant. Plus, they will choose perennials that will grow to the heights that will look best in various locations throughout your perennial garden.

Thoughtful Planning

The most beautiful perennial gardens tend to be the ones that have been thoughtfully planned. There are numerous considerations to make when planning a perennial garden. For example, if you want your perennial garden to have colorful blooms throughout the seasons, it will make a difference in which perennials are planted. Some perennials offer their best blooms in the spring, others in the summer, and others in the fall. When the perennial garden is thoughtfully planned, you can expect color throughout the seasons.

Perennials can be vertical, columnar, mounded, horizontal, and prostrate in form. Choosing a variety of forms is important to creating an aesthetically pleasing perennial garden. This kind of knowledge isn’t something that the average person knows, so hiring professionals to create your perennial garden is a smart choice.

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