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What Materials Might Deck Builders Near Me Suggest for a Deck Project in the Livonia and Novi, MI.

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

If you are planning to have a deck built, you may have done a Google search for “deck builders near me” in Livonia and Novi, MI. Before contacting a deck builder, it’s a good idea to have a vision in mind so that you can properly describe your ideas and give your landscape contractor a sense of what materials would be appropriate for your project.

There are four materials that deck builders commonly use to build decks. These include composite, cedarwood, redwood, and pressure-treated lumber. If you are unsure about which material you would prefer, you can learn more about each of these materials in this article.

What Materials Might Deck Builders Near Me Suggest for a Deck Project in the Livonia and Novi, MI, Area?


Composite can be an excellent choice for decking material. Composite decking, such as that manufactured by Trex, is made out of 95% recycled materials. This means that you can enjoy your deck knowing that it is a more eco-friendly product and knowing that you are not contributing to deforestation.

Composite decking is also fade-resistant and stain-resistant, which means no more painting or staining to maintain the appearance. It also will not warp, rot, or split as natural wood may. In addition, it’s termite resistant, splinter-free, and can be cleaned with soap and water.

You will be able to choose from numerous colors, all of which you can depend on lasting for a long time. There are countless design options when it comes to composite decking. Railings and stair risers are available in the composite material, and LED outdoor lighting can be built into the design.


Cedarwood is durable, which makes it a good choice for decking if you prefer a more natural look. It isn’t as likely to warp or crack in colder temperatures as some natural wood may. Cedarwood is often a popular choice because it resists moisture.

Since it is naturally resistant to rot and insects, it does not need to be chemically treated and does not need to be stained. However, cedarwood will fade to a weathered gray color over time, so it is good to know that before making a decision on what material to use for decking.


The red color of redwood may be one of its most unique features. It is important to note that it can weather to a yellowish-gray, gray, or black color when it is exposed to water, which means proper maintenance is essential. Redwood holds its shape well and does not generally warp or split. It is also resistant to insects, mildew, and rot.

Pressure-treated Lumber

Pressure-treated lumber is the result of a process using high pressure and injecting a preservative into the wood that will extend its longevity. Because of this process, pressure-treated lumber is resistant to rot and termites when it is treated for use outdoors.

Southern pine is sometimes a common choice for pressure-treated lumber. This species of wood is light-colored and is generally easy to stain. However, if it is not treated it can turn a greenish color after it has been exposed to the elements. Over time, it can also dent, split, and splinter.

Your landscape contractor can help you choose the right materials for your deck project in addition to sharing any information necessary for ongoing maintenance—so that you can enjoy your outdoor time as much as possible.


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