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High-Quality Landscaping Ideas for Your Business' Entrance in the Bloomfield Hills, MI, Area

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Landscape features that reflect the level of quality your business values can have a surprisingly good effect on your overall business. First impressions and a positive customer experience start before the customer ever walks through your door, and there are a few improvements that can make all the difference. Here are some high-quality ideas for your business’ entrance in the Bloomfield Hills, MI area.

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Attractive Signage

A sign placed in a masonry planter at the entrance to the parking lot sends a cheerful welcome to all. They make a great first impression. Customers will tend to notice attractive exterior signage and, even though we are all cautioned not to judge a book by its cover, it’s this first impression that entices people to come in. Signage needs to be illuminated at night, and placed to catch the eye of anyone driving or walking by.

A smaller sign right at the front door will reinforce this sense of cheerful welcome. A landscaping maintenance company can ensure that these masonry planters are always filled with vibrant seasonal color.

Well Designed Parking

A parking lot can be complex and even attractive, with islands planted with trees and flowers, for a high end park-like feel. However, signage tends to be everything. Give people clear directions as to where they’re supposed to go and they’ll continue to have a great experience. Adequate lighting will also make the space feel safe after dark.

Walkways That Inspire

A walkway is a subtle way to continue making a great first impression. First, use permeable pavers rather than asphalt or poured concrete. Permeable pavers help keep the walkway dry and ice-free, and you’ll never see someone leaping over puddles. They are designed to allow surface water to seep into the ground instead of collecting on the surface. There are many styles of permeable pavers available to suit any design aesthetic including bricks and flagstone. The final result contributes to a high-end look where it’s obvious that the business pays attention to details and quality.

When it comes to the design of your walkways, you could consider incorporating curves wherever possible to encourage a relaxed atmosphere.

A low masonry wall along the walkway is a great solution for housing landscape light fixtures without cluttering the landscape. If the wall is seat height, even better since people will have a natural gathering spot outside your business. A wall will also create a separation between the walkway and the landscaping. This helps to keep grass clippings or mulch off the walkway. It’s also an opportunity to add more signage embedded into the masonry.

A Welcoming Entry

A bench at the entryway could be a welcome addition for anyone who wants to wait outside while their significant other shops.

Good lighting makes the entry feel safe after dark. Use sconces on either side of the door for an upscale look. Or use fixtures in keeping with the building’s architectural style, whether it’s industrial, traditional, or mid-century modern.

Natural Touches

If your commercial property has a natural landscape, even one that’s the size of a postage stamp, take advantage of it to make an attractive greenscape. A tree or several trees will provide shade and seasonal color. The addition of a small water fountain will also give your business’ entry a luxe look. Wherever you can add greenery, you may want to do so—such as vines on a security fence or trees along a walkway.

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