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Get On the Top of the Commercial Snow Removal List in Bloomfield Hills, MI

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Commercial snow removal at your Bloomfield Hills, MI, business may be the last thing on your mind when the weather is warm, but getting on top of the commercial snow removal list can ensure that you can stay in business throughout the winter months—and summertime offers an opportunity to get your name on the list. Here are some of the reasons why you may want to start thinking about snow removal now.

Get On the Top of the Commercial Snow Removal List in Bloomfield Hills, MI

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Commercial snow removal companies can only serve a limited number of customers, simply because of the number of employees they have available to do the work, the amount of equipment they have on hand, and limited hours in the day. These services fill up fast at the most reputable snow management service providers, which is why getting on the top of the commercial snow removal list as soon as possible is a great strategy. If you wait too long to secure services, the limited number of spots may be filled and it’ll be too late. That’s not something you want to deal with at the last minute.

Allow Time for Prevention Measures

Having ample time to prepare means that the commercial snow removal company can work with you on any prevention measures that can be taken to minimize problems during the wintertime. It’s a lot easier to assess a commercial property when the weather is warm and dry, of course. You could potentially use such a time to go over how your space should be navigated when the snow starts to fall. Perhaps you need to determine where the snow and ice piles will be located and any preferences you have for the type of treatment used and where it will be used on your property. Planning ahead will save you stress later, and you’ll be glad you took action early.

Get Multiple Quotes & Properly Vet Companies

When you’re not rushed to find a commercial snow removal company that is available to remove the snow from the previous day’s storm, you will have the time to get multiple quotes from different companies. This puts you in a better position to choose a company that meets your needs and fits your budget. Make sure to properly vet the company to make sure they will be reliable. Here are some questions that you may want to ask.

  • What is your response time when a snowstorm is forecasted?

  • Do you operate 24/7?

  • How will you communicate? How often can I expect communication?

  • What kind of equipment will be used?

  • What types of snow removal contracts do you offer?

  • What credentials and training do you have?

  • Could I have a list of references?

Prioritize Your Customers and Employees

When you don’t plan ahead with commercial snow removal services, it’s your customers and employees that could suffer—and you could too. You want to make sure that all walkways and parking lots are clear of snow and ice so that your customers and employees have safe places to walk, drive, and park. It’s the preventive steps like this that may seem insignificant but that will eventually make an impression about your commercial business or property on others.

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