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Light Up Your Front Yard With These 8 Outdoor Lighting Ideas in Canton, MI

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Professionally installed outdoor lighting may be just the addition that your home in Canton, MI, needs. When the front yard of your home is brightened up with outdoor lighting, it makes your home appear warmer and more welcoming to all of your friends and family. It’ll be a good feeling to turn into your driveway and see all of the lights welcoming you home. Here are some outdoor lighting ideas that you may want to consider.

Light Up Your Front Yard With These 8 Outdoor Lighting Ideas in Canton, MI

Walkway Lighting

Your guests will appreciate being able to clearly see the walkways that lead to your front entrance. Light fixtures can be installed that run along your walkways that not only illuminate the area but also add a decorative accent. Walkway lighting fixtures come in a variety of styles and finishes that will match your design needs.

Front Entrance Lighting

Make sure that your home is easy to locate in the dark by having front entrance lighting installed. This lighting can spotlight your street number so that guests and emergency personnel can quickly find your home. If you have a gated entrance, light fixtures can be installed on top of columns, which gives your home a luxurious look.

Wall-Wash Lighting

The wall-washing lighting technique provides a subtle amount of light to a wide area. It is located close to the structure and brightens up large sections of the exterior walls of your home. This type of lighting is especially effective at making the exterior of your home look welcoming.


The shadowing lighting technique adds texture to the landscape and highlights the shape and differences in height of different objects. This is often used in plant beds, which adds depth to your exterior design and increases the ambiance of the space.

Silhouette Lighting

Silhouette lighting is similar to shadowing in that it draws attention to the shape of an object. With this lighting technique, light is placed behind an object and shines onto the object, which creates a shadow-like appearance. It is an impressive look that complements any home.

In-Ground Lighting

In-ground lighting can be installed in a variety of applications, such as along walkways, near trees, along walls, flagpoles, or even in your driveway. This lighting is made to be durable to withstand the weight of a vehicle or foot traffic. It’s a great way to light up the exterior of your home without having the light fixtures highly visible and without creating a tripping hazard.


Moonlighting involves spotlights being installed near the top of a tree and shining downward onto the tree. This has a beautiful effect where you can see the shadows of the branches and leaves on the ground. When the wind blows it will make the shadows dance on the ground, which adds character to your outdoor space.


If you have any beautiful features in your front yard, everyone would be able to appreciate them at all hours of the day, even at nighttime. Your landscaping professionals can install spotlighting to highlight specific plants or trees within your landscaping, to illuminate a statue or other decorative object, or shine light onto a flag, among other uses.


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