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Give Your Home a New Look With These Landscaping Tips in the Bloomfield & West Bloomfield, MI, Areas

Are you ready for a new look at your home in the Bloomfield or West Bloomfield, MI, area? It may be time to update your landscaping. Whether you want to make your front entrance warmer and welcoming or want to spruce up your backyard and add outdoor living spaces, numerous things can be done to improve the overall appearance of your home. Here are some ideas to help get you started.

Give Your Home a New Look With These Landscaping Tips in the Bloomfield and West Bloomfield, MI, Areas

Include a Water Feature

Imagine a bubbling water fountain near the front entrance of your home. You could even have a courtyard area that leads to your front door, with a paver patio area and an ornate water fountain that will be sure to impress your guests.

In your backyard, you could include a waterfall that cascades into a koi pond. The sound of moving water is a known stress reliever, so water features will make your backyard space a more relaxing and rejuvenating place in which to spend your time.

Create Cozy Gathering Places

Spending more time outside is good for physical and mental health. The fresh air will lift your mood and provide more oxygen to your body. Having beautiful gathering places outdoors will help inspire you to spend more time outside.

Consider an outdoor living area complete with an outdoor kitchen and outdoor living room. To make the spaces even cozier, you may want to consider having fire features added. An outdoor fireplace can be the perfect complement to your outdoor living room. A fire pit area with built-in seating creates an ideal place to gather with friends and family to roast marshmallows and enjoy good conversation around the fire.

Connect Your Outdoor Spaces

Connect your paver driveway and front yard area with your backyard outdoor living areas with beautiful paver walkways. Everyone will appreciate having a stable surface to navigate your landscape.

In addition to these surfaces, you may want to consider having outdoor lighting fixtures installed along the walkways so your family and friends can see clearly when walking. The outdoor lighting fixtures can add character and style to your outdoor space. With numerous shapes and styles of fixtures along with a wide variety of finishes to pick from, you can add your personal touch to your landscape. For example, you could choose outdoor lighting fixtures with a stainless steel or a black finish to add color to the landscape.

Have Professionals Curate Your Plantings

Professionally curated plantings can transform your landscape into something beautiful. The experts can select plantings that will thrive in the specific growing conditions of your landscape, whether it’s full sun or part shade. Whether you prefer bright and colorful blooms or simply greenery, your landscape will look more finished with professionally curated plantings. You may want to consider having evergreens, hostas, ornamental trees, azaleas, Shasta daisies, or purple coneflowers added to your planting beds throughout your property.

Implement a Layered Landscape

A layered landscape involves having a wide variety of plantings arranged with a foreground, middle section, and background. They will be of different heights, textures, colors, and sizes. This helps create a full and cohesive look throughout your planting beds.

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