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Ideas for Getting Your Landscaping Ready for Family Get-Togethers in Bloomfield & Orchard Lake, MI

When you’re about to host a family get-together in the outdoor living areas at your home in the Bloomfield or Orchard Lake, MI, area, you’ll likely want the landscaping to look spectacular, from your welcoming walkway to the grassy areas in your backyard. To prepare for making a good impression, here are some of the ideas you may want to consider for preparing your landscaping for family get-togethers.

Ideas for Getting Your Landscaping Ready for Family Get-Togethers in Bloomfield & Orchard Lake, MI

Have Your Lawn Fertilized

A healthy and green lawn will make your landscape look spectacular. Make sure to have your lawn fertilized in advance so that it is ready to be walked and played upon. You often need to allow 24-48 hours after fertilization before anyone walks on the grass, so it’s a good idea to schedule fertilization services with plenty of time to spare.

Grass requires three essential nutrients to grow and thrive: potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. When your lawn has these nutrients along with the right amount of water and sunshine, you can expect to have a beautiful and lush lawn.

Lawn fertilization services may include weed control. This will help ensure your lawn is weed-free so that it looks its best. You definitely don’t want your property to look like the eye-sore of the neighborhood, especially when you are hosting a family get-together. Your lawn will likely be one of the first things that your family sees when they arrive at your home.

Ensure Your Lawn Is Freshly Mowed

Having your lawn mowed on a regular basis will ensure your property looks well-kept. Professional lawn mowing companies have state-of-the-art equipment that is maintained with sharp blades and an even cutting technique, helping your property look meticulous and well-groomed.

Have Mulch Installed in Planting Beds

Mulch is often the finishing touch for planting beds. It can help with weed control and fill in any bare spots. You may choose to have wood mulch installed, smooth river stone, or other mulch materials. When it’s nearing the time for your family get-together, you could have a fresh layer of mulch installed to ensure everything looks great.

Ensure a Perfectly Manicured Landscape with Shrub Trimming

As you are having your landscape prepared for your gathering, don’t forget about your shrubs. With professional shrub trimming, your shrubs will look perfectly manicured for a neat and tidy appearance. Your family will surely be impressed with the care and effort you have put into your beautiful landscape.

Invest in Seasonal Cleanup Services

When you’re hosting a family gathering at your home in the spring or fall, you may want to hire a landscape company to help with spring or fall cleanup services. These services include removing any debris that may have accumulated on your property, including dead leaves, sticks and branches, and trash that has blown onto your landscaping.

The landscape service provider can also clean up your planting beds for a tidy appearance. They can often perform maintenance to any perennial plantings and trim your shrubs. Professionals are often able to complete these services efficiently so that you will be ready for your gathering on time.

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