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How Often Should New Mulch Be Added to Your Canton, MI, Landscaping?

You may be wondering how often the mulch needs to be replaced if you’ve recently had plant beds installed throughout your landscaping at your home in the Canton, MI, area. The answer to this question is that it depends on what circumstances you would prefer to have it replaced and whether your aging mulch could be detrimental to the surrounding plant life. Here are some of the reasons why you may need (or want) to have your mulch replaced.

How Often Should New Mulch Be Added to Your Canton, MI, Landscaping?

You See Signs of Decomposition

Mulch decomposing isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it adds nutrients and organic matter to the soil, enriching it and helping plants thrive and grow. Mulch can often last up to five years, but that depends on the type of mulch, how much sun it is exposed to, and the weather conditions. If mulch has begun to decompose, you’ll start to see bare patches, and it won’t look as full. While you may not technically need to have the mulch replaced, you may want to have it replaced to ensure it looks its best and that your landscape appears well-maintained and professionally manicured.

The Mulch Is Discolored

If mulch begins to rot or is diseased, it can become discolored. You may notice an orange, yellow, or slimy red appearance on the mulch if it has been affected by slime mold. It will often turn brown and leave a dry white powder. While slime mold is not harmful, it isn’t attractive either. It may be a good time to have the mulch replaced if it bothers you or you want to ensure your landscaping looks perfect.

It’s Been a Year Since It Was Replaced

For the best appearance, many landscapers recommend having the mulch replaced about once per year. This ensures that it retains its color, stays full, and serves its purpose best. Speak with a professional landscaper to get specific recommendations for when the mulch should be replaced at your property.

The Mulch Has a Bad Odor

If you begin to notice a smell similar to vinegar or sulfur, this may mean that your mulch has gone sour. This happens if the mulch has been deprived of oxygen, which causes it to produce acetic acid. It’s important to have sour mulch replaced quickly because it can harm plants.

You’re Ready for a New Look

Even if your mulch is still in good shape and is retaining its color, you may be ready for a new look and style for your landscape. Perhaps you’d like a different species of wood mulch or a different color. Mulch comes in a variety of colors, including amber, dark brown, and red. You may want to consider having cypress mulch, large bark, wood chips, or shredded bark installed. Oftentimes, landscaping companies will have samples of the various types of mulch available so that you can take a look at them in person before ordering and having it installed. Having the mulch replaced is a great way to give your plant beds and overall landscape a refresh.

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