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Keep Your Landscaping Maintenance on Track with an Irrigation System in the Orchard Lake, MI, Area

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

A functional irrigation system can be a true difference-maker for your Orchard Lake, MI, area landscaping. Did you know that the water supplied by a professional irrigation system is crucial to grass and plant health? Here are some ways an irrigation system can transform your lawn and keep your landscaping maintenance on track.

Keep Your Landscaping Maintenance on Track with an Irrigation System in the Orchard Lake, MI, Area

The Benefits of a Professional Irrigation System

The benefits a professional irrigation system brings to your lawn and landscape can’t be overstated, as watering your grass and other outdoor spaces can be an essential component of caring for your property.

An irrigation system targets specific areas with the exact water amount each one needs to thrive. This means that shady areas receive less water than sunny spots. This targeted application means you waste less water and ensure the water being distributed is used efficiently.

Another benefit of professional irrigation can be that the watering occurs very early in the morning before the sun rises. This can be an essential advantage since watering after sunup means over half the water evaporates in the heat.

Irrigation in the wee morning hours gives the water time to sink deeply into the soil where it reaches the roots of the grass. The roots have plenty of time to absorb the water into the plant before any excess is burned away by the sun.

How Irrigation Helps Landscape Maintenance

Landscape maintenance services can rely on an efficient watering system to ensure that your lawn and landscape will thrive. Consider how regular watering can improve the health and growth of your outdoor spaces.

Fertilizer: Part of landscape maintenance can be the application of fertilizer to the soil. Fertilizer delivers essential nutrients not found in the soil that your grass plants need to withstand the weather conditions and thrive. When the fertilizer is applied, it can accompany aeration where a landscape professional pulls small soil plugs out of the ground usually in the fall. To encourage new grass germination and disperse the fertilizer to the entire landscape, having a reliable watering system can be crucial and this is where your irrigation system takes care of regular watering.

Lawn mowing: The summertime is hot and often dry, meaning your lawn can suffer between mowing sessions. An irrigation system can water the grass on a reliable schedule to ensure the grass is growing and remaining healthy despite the hot conditions.

Fine gardening: When you have a gorgeous, blooming garden as part of your landscape design, it requires attention to prevent weeds and water to ensure it stays alive. A landscape company can incorporate your beloved gardens into the irrigation system so they stay looking attractive. This can be a significant benefit because watering them can take time from your daily schedule that you might need to accomplish other tasks. Knowing your cutting garden has irrigation can ease your mind and protect your investment.

Mulch installation: You might wonder what irrigation has to do with mulch but the two are very much connected. Mulch holds the water in the plant beds so that the shrubs and flowers don’t dry out. Irrigation to these spaces can provide the water the landscape beds need to continue thriving despite the summer heat and dry conditions.

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