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What Services Can a Commercial Landscaping Company Offer in Canton and Orchard Lake, MI?

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

When you’re looking for services for commercial landscaping in the Canton and Orchard Lake, MI, areas, there’s a bit of research involved to see whether a company’s services offerings align with your needs. Here are some of the services that many commercial landscaping companies offer.

What Services Can a Commercial Landscaping Company Offer in Canton and Orchard Lake, MI?

Landscape Design

The landscaping at your commercial property can have a big impact on first impressions. If you have a client visiting, you want your landscaping to reflect the level of detail and commitment that your business has. A landscape that is not properly maintained will not make a great impression, nor will a landscape that is fairly dull and undeveloped.

To improve the outward appearance of your commercial property, a commercial landscaping company can create a landscape design that will reflect your values. Whether they are choosing just the right plants, trees, and flowers to be planted or if they are building a captivating walkway that leads to the entrance of your building, commercial landscaping companies can design a landscape that helps you put your company’s best foot forward.

Lawn Care and Maintenance

An essential component for the landscaping at your commercial property is to keep it maintained. Lawn care is a service that many businesses need. Many commercial landscaping companies offer services for lawn mowing, fertilization, bed edging, pruning, and mulching. Having a commercial landscaping company take care of these tasks can give you complete peace of mind while your landscaping will achieve a professional appearance.


You will want the lawn at your commercial property to look lush, vibrant, and green. Commercial landscaping companies can help with sprinkler system installation and also perform repairs on existing sprinkler systems. They can also winterize your sprinkler system to protect it during the harsh Michigan winters, and can then start up the system again in the springtime. With a professionally installed irrigation system, you can count on having a beautiful lawn.

Outdoor Lighting

Having a plan put in place for your outdoor lighting is a worthy upgrade to consider. Outdoor lighting can make your business appear more warm and welcoming, not to mention professional. You could also look into seasonal lighting to make your property look more festive.

Seasonal Cleanup Services

A lot of care goes into maintaining the lawn and landscaping at your commercial property, so leaving it to the professionals is an excellent choice. A commercial landscaping company can take care of your spring and fall cleanup so that your business always looks its best. They can also plant bulbs in the fall and annuals in the spring so that your property is kept beautiful. If you want a gorgeous color display of plants and flowers, they can do that for you too.

Snow and Ice Management

Keeping your parking lot and walkways clear of ice and snow in the winters is a must. Your employees and visitors may definitely appreciate it. Many commercial landscaping companies offer snow plowing and snow removal services. They can apply salt and help with de-icing your property. During frigid winters, being able to confidently rely on a reputable snow and ice management company can keep your business running while easing any concerns you may have about the safety of your property’s outdoor spaces.

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