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5 Paver Patio Styles to Keep in Mind for Your Outdoor Space in Northville and Novi, MI

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Are you thinking about having a paver patio installed at your home in the Northville and Novi, MI, areas? It can be difficult to decide on what features you want to include in a refreshed landscape, not to mention what style you want. To help you make your decision, we’ve compiled a list of five popular paver patio styles that you may want to consider.

5 Paver Patio Styles to Keep in Mind for Your Outdoor Space in Northville and Novi, MI

Zen Retreat

One matter to contemplate when deciding on a paver patio design and style is how you intend to use the space. If relaxing is high on your priority list, then the zen retreat style could be the way to go. The purpose of the zen style is to create a place that will inspire calmness of mind.

For some homeowners, a water feature is essential in a zen-style paver patio design. Whether that be a trickling stream that leads to a small pond, a quiet water fountain, or a rushing waterfall, the choice is yours. You could make sure to have plenty of bright green plants, smooth stone, and perhaps a sculpture for the ultimate zen retreat.

Modern Oasis

If your preferred style is modern, your paver patio can reflect that. This style is usually characterized by straight, clean lines. Chrome and stainless steel are often used in this design style and make a great choice for outdoor lighting fixtures by your patio.

Oftentimes, large square or rectangular shaped pavers are used as the main paver for modern-style patios. Light-colored pavers are a great choice. You may choose to have smaller, dark paver accents throughout the design or add a brightly colored artistic accent.

Southwest Style

The Southwest style includes colors within the desert palette, including the terra-cotta color. Choosing pavers in a variety of desert palette colors makes for a striking appearance that will be sure to impress your guests.

You may also want to include colorful accents in geometric patterns in your patio decor. You may wish to have classic iron outdoor lighting fixtures to add character to your space. A rustic-style pergola with prominent space for climbing vines could be the perfect addition.

Rustic Elegance

The combination of a rustic style with a hint of elegance can create a beautiful effect. You may choose pavers that resemble cobblestone or any other paver that resembles natural stone. Pavers with a smooth finish will give your patio the elegant look, while the natural stone resemblance will give it a touch of rustic style.

Natural wood is a feature of rustic elegance design. Imagine a dining area beneath the rustic wooden beams of a pergola and a Spanish-style iron chandelier with lights that resemble candles. You can enjoy hosting many intimate gatherings in this space.

Cottage Charm

The cottage style is charming, elegant yet simple, and beautiful. For a paver patio with a cottage charm, you may wish to use smaller pavers that resemble brick. The space surrounding the patio should be filled with colorful flowers and green plants. Imagine an English or French country cottage. This style tends to be quaint and magical.

White, wrought iron furniture may be a good fit for this style. Then, you will be ready to enjoy a cold glass of lemonade with your friends on your paver patio.

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