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Why Fertilization is Essential to Landscape Maintenance in Superior Township & West Bloomfield, MI

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

If you’re wondering if you need to have fertilizer applied to your lawn in the Superior Township and West Bloomfield, MI, areas, the answer is most likely yes. In fact, partaking in a lawn fertilization program is essential for numerous reasons. Many landscape companies offer comprehensive fertilization programs where they apply the necessary fertilizer needed at the right times, depending on the season. In this article, we will explain why you would want to have your lawn fertilized.

Fertilization Bloomfield Hills, Orchard Lake MI - Why Fertilization is Essential to Landscape Maintenance in Bloomfield, Superior Township & West Bloomfield, MI


One of the top reasons that many homeowners choose to have their lawn fertilized is for aesthetics. When you have your lawn fertilized regularly, it will be lush and green. If your lawn is not fertilized, you are more likely going to see brown and bare spots show up, and the area could more easily be overtaken by weeds.

Healthy Grass

Lush, green grass is viewed as healthy grass. Fertilizer includes essential nutrients that grass needs to thrive in this way. The most common nutrients applied to lawns are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. A professional can determine exactly what nutrients your lawn could benefit from, but there are some signs that indicate what your lawn may need.

When your lawn is nitrogen deficient, you may notice your lawn turning yellow and growing slowly. When a lawn is deficient in phosphorus, your lawn will look dull and have a blue-green color and in severe cases, it may have a purplish hue. A lawn lacking the needed potassium may have grass that has turned brown or yellow and is wilting. In addition to nutrient deficiencies, your grass becomes especially susceptible to disease and pests. If you want to avoid these problems, you could have your lawn fertilized regularly by experts.

Eliminating Weeds

Dandelions can quickly take over a lawn, as can crabgrass and other species of weeds. When weeds are present in your lawn, they are taking essential nutrients away from the grass and you will begin to see signs of nutrient deficiencies throughout your lawn.

Another problem that weeds cause is that they make the grass root system weak. When there is a drought, the grass simply cannot survive since it does not have a strong root system to get water from deep within the soil. The health of your grass will suffer if there are weeds taking over your lawn.

Rainwater Management

Roots play an important role both in the health of the grass and in rainwater management. When your lawn is full and healthy, the roots soak up much of the rain that falls. The reason that this is important is that when the roots soak up the water, it prevents the water from pooling up on your lawn and creating muddy puddles that are unsightly.

There are benefits of rainwater, similar to that of fertilizer. In fact, rainwater is full of nitrogen and other minerals that improve the health of your lawn. With a strong root system, your grass has the best chance of soaking up those nutrients so that it can thrive in a variety of weather conditions.

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