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7 Landscaping Tips and Tricks You May Find When Searching “Landscapers Near Me” in Orchard Lake, MI

When you perform a Google search for “landscapers near me” in the Orchard Lake, MI, area, you may find results with landscaping tips. If you want expert advice, here are some tips and tricks that you can count on from professional landscapers.

7 Landscaping Tips and Tricks You May Find When Searching “Landscapers Near Me” in Orchard Lake, MI

Create Edges and Lines

When a landscape design is created, there is often attention given to creating edges and lines. This gives the lawn and planting beds a clean and organized appearance that is aesthetically pleasing. For example, you may have edging installed along your planting beds or between your driveway and your lawn.

Make Use of Textures

Incorporating plantings with a variety of textures can add beauty and diversity to your landscape. In addition, you may want to include various materials and textures when you have your outdoor living spaces built. For example, you may choose smooth pavers in rectangular or square shapes for your paver patio, along with the natural texture of a natural wood pavilion. Combining these features with a variety of beautiful plantings, you will have a gorgeous outdoor space.

Create a Layered Landscape

Landscape designers often create layered landscapes that utilize design principles such as repetition. There are three layers of a landscape including the foreground, middle ground, and background. You may have a landscape that includes ornamental trees, evergreen shrubs, perennial shrubs, plantings with blooms, and ground cover plantings. This creates variety throughout the landscape and adds texture, color, and shape.

Consider Color

Color can have a big impact on the overall aesthetics of a landscape. You may want to include a variety of colors or stick with a general color scheme. For example, you might choose cool colors or warmer colors. Consider how you will be using the space and the feelings that you want to invoke when entering the outdoor space, and choose the colors accordingly.

Have Your Soil Aerated

In order for your lawn and plantings to maintain a healthy appearance, they need to get adequate amounts of water, oxygen, and nutrients. If the soil becomes impacted, it can make it difficult for these three components to reach the root system. This makes the lawn and plantings more susceptive to disease and less hearty. With soil aeration, it loosens up the ground so that the water, oxygen, and nutrients can reach the root system, resulting in health and vibrancy.

Ensure a Healthy Lawn and Plantings

With a fertilization plan, you can ensure that your lawn and plantings are getting the nutrients that they need to survive and thrive. A lawn requires nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to establish good health, and fertilizers include these nutrients. When they have the nutrients that they need, a lawn and plantings will be less susceptible to disease.

Hire Professionals for the Job

One of the best things that you can do is hire professionals to take care of your lawn and landscape needs. They are experts in what they do and can use their knowledge to ensure your lawn and landscape are healthy and well taken care of.

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