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A Retaining Wall Opens Up Space for Plantings in the Beverly Hills and Livonia, MI, Areas

A Retaining Wall Opens Up Space for Plantings in the Beverly Hills and Livonia, MI, Areas

When updating your landscape, you will potentially want to consider structures that will open up more planting space. Although retaining walls typically serve the purpose of holding soil back to prevent erosion, they can be made to be a beautiful focal point in your landscape. With added space you have the ability to plant trees, shrubs, or flowers in an area that was previously unusable. Here is how a retaining wall can open up the space for plantings in the Beverly Hills and Livonia, MI, areas.

Tiered Retaining Wall

A retaining wall designed in multiple tiers will create a way to showcase different types of plantings at each level. Whether you want to plant trees on the upper level and some stunning seasonal flowers below, or have an entire space of greenery, this type of retaining wall will catch the eye of anyone that visits your home.

You can use this wall to showcase your personal aesthetic by choosing a wall stone with colors and textures that is complementary to other features throughout your outdoor space.

Surrounding a Fire Pit

If your outdoor space boasts a stunning fire pit, then you can have a beautiful retaining wall around it. A retaining wall can be created in a round shape surrounding your fire pit and the added flat space can be utilized to plant beautiful flowers or greenery that will create not only a great focal point, but a dreamy oasis for your outdoor space.

The wall blocks of the retaining wall could be similar or the same as those used for your fire pit, with a similar style to your patio pavers, to have your landscape features blend together seamlessly.

Seating Location

A retaining wall can serve an entirely different purpose than soil erosion—it could be used to provide overflow seating for big parties, a place to put drinks during mingling, or simply an inviting spot to gather together by one of your fire features. Potted plants alongside or on top of the wall could provide pops of color, to offer contrast by the brown or gray colored wall stone.

Beautiful Walkway

Whether you have steps that lead to your home or into your outdoor space, or just want to allow for more planting space along the pathways in your landscape, you can utilize your walkways to add a retaining wall. A small retaining wall next to your steps with properly placed outdoor lighting and your favorite plantings could make for a delightful walk to and from your home.

Whimsical Garden

A retaining wall can be a great structure to install in order to provide added space for a fine garden. Whether you want to grow fruits, vegetables, or your favorite flowers, this retaining wall could primarily act as a boundary line for your home garden and provide vertical interest among the low-level plantings.

Cascading Plants

If your retaining wall is backed right up to another structure, you may be able to use this space for plantings with the use of cascading plants and flowers. It can create an eye-catching focal point with stunning greenery or flowers that will grow down the length of your retaining wall.

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