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Add More Usable Outdoor Living Space With a Retaining Wall in West Bloomfield, MI

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Adding a retaining wall to your home in the Bloomfield, MI, area can open up more space in your landscape. In fact, multiple retaining walls can turn an unused slope of land into a terraced structure that features various levels of outdoor living spaces connected by built-in stairways. Here are some of the outdoor living areas that you may want to consider having built if a retaining wall could be beneficial to your landscape, either by addressing a sloped part of your yard or by delineating various areas within your landscape.

Outdoor Lighting West Bloomfield MI - Retaining Wall West Bloomfield MI

Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen can come in very handy during the warmer months. Being able to prep and cook food outdoors will keep your indoor kitchen area clean and cool, rather than heating up your home when you turn on the oven. Having an outdoor kitchen in your own backyard is especially useful when you are hosting social gatherings. You will no longer have to trek in and out of the house to prep or cook the food, which will help you avoid spills or stains on your carpet or other flooring within your home.

Outdoor Living Room

Being able to relax outdoors and enjoy the fresh air is a wonderful benefit of having an outdoor living room area. You can have comfortable patio furniture that will feel just as cozy as the sofa located in your indoor living room. An outdoor living room can be designed for luxury—and even include a TV if a shelter structure is included—and perhaps even an outdoor fireplace. This space will quickly become a favorite spot to relax and spend time outdoors with family and friends. You can host parties for the big game, have a romantic tapas dinner on the coach, or even have a weekly family game or movie night.

Paver Patio Area

A paver patio can be a beautiful addition to your landscape. Add extra patio seating so that you can host large gatherings of people. This can also become the perfect place for an outdoor dining room with a gorgeous dining patio table and chairs. You can cook meals in your nearby outdoor kitchen while your guests enjoy good conversation while sitting at your outdoor dining table. You may even want to include a fire pit on your paver patio, to create a weekend gathering spot for roasting marshmallows.

Pergola or Pavilion Area

Having a pergola or a pavilion within your outdoor living room, outdoor kitchen, or paver patio areas can be a great addition. Pergolas provide filtered light, and can provide the finishing touch for a landscape design with an outdoor dining room as the main attraction. You can have twinkle lights hung along the beams of the pergola to give your outdoor space character and to create ambiance.

A pavilion provides more shelter than a pergola will because it features a complete roof. Pavilions can feature built-in outdoor lighting and even a ceiling fan for your ultimate comfort. Pavilions are a great addition for the outdoor living area, especially if you plan to have electronics outdoors. They are also wonderful additions to poolside areas so that your family and guests can enjoy the shade and take a break from the hot sun.

Instead of having a steep slope that is difficult to navigate, rendering your outdoor space almost unusable, you can convert this space into multiple levels of outdoor living spaces that you can actually use and enjoy.


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