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What Landscapers Near Me Are Recommending for Landscaping Upgrades These Days in Canton, MI

Are you thinking about making landscaping upgrades in Canton, MI? If so, you may have been searching for “landscapers near me” as you contemplate your options. The great news is that the sky is practically the limit when it comes to designing and building landscape upgrades, so if you are dreaming of something specific, make sure to share those visions with your landscape professional. Here are some of the more popular landscape upgrade ideas to get you started.

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What Landscapers Near Me Are Recommending for Landscaping Upgrades These Days in Canton, MI

Paver Patio

Being able to spend more time outdoors in a beautiful space is delightful. Paver patios can make the perfect location for all of your outdoor gatherings. No matter what style preferences you have, in terms of textures and colors, there will be paver choices available to make that happen. A paver patio can be customized to your liking, from artistic patterns to contrasting paver accents or tiered options to designate how you will spend your time in each patio area.


Having a deck built can provide the opportunity to create more usable space in your backyard. For example, you could have a multi-level deck built to establish separate living spaces on both a lower and upper level. Your custom deck could be high up, to provide a beautiful view of your landscape and give you a special place to relax and spend time outdoors.

Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting can make your landscape shine, both literally and figuratively, in the nighttime hours. It can highlight architectural features or beautiful plants, and also serve a more practical purpose of brightening your outdoor living spaces in the evenings. Another benefit of having customized landscape lighting installed is that it can make your home look more warm and welcoming. Having lighting installed along your walkways and stairs will help you and your guests avoid trips and falls.

Fire Features

A fire pit or an outdoor fireplace can serve as a go-to gathering spot, for compelling your family members or party guests to spend quality time outside by the warmth of the fire.

Not to mention, both of these features provide the opportunity for fun activities and social gatherings. You can gather with your family and friends to roast hotdogs or make s’mores over the fire pit. Or you can enjoy a romantic evening with that special someone while cuddled up under a blanket near your outdoor fireplace and admire the starlit sky. Fire features not only create warmth but also provide light and ambiance to the space.

Outdoor Kitchen

Many homeowners get lots of use out of their outdoor kitchen. During the warm weather seasons, some people even spend more time cooking outside than they do inside. As with most other landscape design upgrades on this list, an outdoor kitchen is customizable. You can decide if you want a full outdoor kitchen that includes a grill, oven, stovetop, refrigerator, sinks, and even a pizza oven, or if you want a smaller outdoor kitchen that simply includes a built-in grill. Either way, being able to do your food prep and cooking outside will be a luxury that you are sure to enjoy.

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