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Beautifully Define Boundaries With a Retaining Wall in the West Bloomfield, MI, Area

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

If you’re thinking about structures for your outdoor space in the West Bloomfield, MI, area, you may want to consider a retaining wall and how it can beautifully define the boundaries of your landscape.

Retaining walls can provide a vital function for outdoor spaces as they’re able to retain or hold back soil to prevent it from sliding or eroding away. But even if soil erosion isn’t an issue for your landscape, you may still want to consider adding a retaining wall to your list of possibilities for updating your property. Here are five reasons why a retaining wall might be a welcomed addition to your outdoor space.

Adds Definition

Just as a frame can add definition to a painting, picture, or photograph, a retaining wall can serve a similar purpose to your outdoor space. A retaining wall can bring order and clarity to the overall composition of your landscape. By bringing shape to your space, a retaining wall also helps accentuate or reinforce your vision for your outdoor space. While you may have other focal points, a retaining wall can serve as a key point of emphasis in a landscape design and tie everything together.

Form and Function

A well-planned and well-built retaining wall can also be a source of both form and function. Imagine a retaining wall that has bench seating. Not only would you have something that’s visually appealing, you would have a structure that’s inviting as well. Adding seating to a retaining wall, or having the wall serve as seating itself, invites conversation and creates another place for people to gather, especially for a family occasion or party.

Complement to Your Driveway

A retaining wall can serve as a wonderful complement to the landscape design in front of your home. Having your retaining wall meet up with your driveway could provide similar definition in front as it does in the back. It also makes your home even more welcoming and inviting. Adding a gate as part of the structure reinforces this sense of invitation and warmth.

Magical Touch

Adding lights and a water feature to your retaining wall as part of your outdoor design can create a magical touch that showcases what will already be one of the centerpieces of your landscape. Imagine guests arriving at your outdoor party and the first thing they see is the elegant shimmer of lights and water that bounce off your glorious new retaining wall. These are the grace notes that could really make any evening sing.

Material Options

There are numerous material options when it comes to the actual build of a retaining wall. Some options resemble stacked stone that looks as if it’s been there for generations. Some options are modern and sleek. Some could literally be made of natural stone. The possibilities are practically endless.

Retaining walls can play an incredibly important function when it comes to preventing soil from shifting or from eroding. But what makes retaining walls doubly alluring is all the memorable ways you can bring a retaining wall to life that in turn brings your landscape to life as well.

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