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How Deck Builders Near Me Create Multiple Outdoor Living Spaces in the Canton, MI Area

You may assume that you can only have one outdoor living space if you have a deck built in your backyard space. However, as you search for “deck builders near me” in the Canton, MI, area, you will find that deck builders can create multiple outdoor living spaces with the use of a deck. Here are some of the ways this can be done.

How Deck Builders Near Me Create Multiple Outdoor Living Spaces in the Canton, MI Area

Multi-Level Decks

You can create additional living areas in your outdoor space by having multi-level decks built. This makes use of the vertical space by building up rather than out. You could have an outdoor kitchen area on the top tier of the deck, an outdoor living room on the second tier of the deck, and perhaps a pool deck near your inground pool on the lower level deck. Stairs would connect each level.

Create Distinct Spaces

Creating distinct spaces is especially important if you’re dealing with a small outdoor space. Oftentimes, these distinct spaces are created after a deck has been built by using patio furniture and other features to do so. However, distinct spaces can also be created within the design of the deck itself. Deck railings can be used as walls between spaces, which helps designate areas of the deck for each space, but you still have the open air effect. Some homeowners use drapery panels to add both privacy to their deck area and to provide shade, but they can also be used to separate various areas of a deck.

Built-In Features

Deck builders can include built-in features in your deck design that will help you create more outdoor living spaces. For example, they could include built-in benches or seating within the design. These benches can also serve as “walls” that essentially separate the various outdoor living spaces on your deck. You may also want to consider having a built-in grill included in the design as part of your outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Lighting

Having a deck builder include outdoor lighting in your deck design will allow you to spend more time outside, even when it’s dark outside. Built-in lighting on your stairways can help direct your guests to the various tiers of your deck. Post cap lighting can be added to distinguish one area of your deck from another. You may find that you need more lighting in some areas of your outdoor space than you do in others, which will help create multiple living spaces throughout your deck with the use of light.

Paver Patio

While a paver patio isn’t technically a deck, you may want to have a patio designed and constructed at the same time as your deck, so that they are complementary to each other as you extend the square footage of your outdoor living space. If you have a multi-level deck, the lowest level could actually be a paver patio. In this case, a retaining wall or seating wall can be used to create designated spaces throughout the paver patio area. In some design formats, you could add a fire pit or outdoor fireplace to the paver patio, which will help create more outdoor living spaces in your backyard where your family and friends can gather.


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