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Want to Know How to Attract Customers in the Farmington Hills, MI Area? Hint: Commercial Landscaping

If you want to attract more customers to your business in the Farmington Hills, MI, area, you may want to consider investing in commercial landscaping services. Oftentimes, the first thing that people see when they arrive at your business is your landscaping. Is your current landscaping impressive—or will it turn visitors away? Here are some of the ways that a commercial landscaping company can help you make your business more attractive.

Want to Know How to Attract Customers in the Farmington Hills, MI Area? Hint: Commercial Landscaping


The entryway is an incredibly important space because every person who visits will see this space. You want to get started off on the right foot by impressing them with the gorgeous entrance to your business. This might include having professionally designed landscaping, such as plant beds or ornamental trees. Whatever your landscaping looks like near your entryways, make sure it’s well-manicured and always taken care of. An entryway surrounded by plant beds overgrown with weeds is not a good look. Commercial lawn care companies can often help with maintaining your landscaping.


Make walking from one outdoor space to another a pleasing journey for anyone who visits your business. Instead of traditional poured concrete sidewalks, consider having paver walkways installed. There are numerous colors, styles, and textures of pavers to choose from. No matter the style and aesthetic that you want your business to have, there will be a walkway paver that could complement it.

Outdoor Gathering Spaces

If your commercial property is home to office spaces, perhaps you want to include outdoor gathering spaces where employees can gather for business meetings. These spaces could include tables and chairs that are comfortable yet perfect for working.

If the property is home to apartment buildings and the like, consider having rejuvenating spaces where residents can go to relax outside. Include water features to add to the ambiance of the space. Make sure to have comfortable patio furniture for residents to take a seat and enjoy this outdoor space, whether they choose to do so alone or with family and friends.

Plant Beds

Landscaping professionals can design plant beds that will complement your brand. For example, they can choose plants and flowers that closely match your brand’s colors, or they could be planted in the shape of your logo. No matter what the design, professionally installed plant beds look impressive. Make sure to hire a company to routinely care for the plant beds by fertilizing, pruning, and otherwise maintaining them. An irrigation system could be essential for keeping the plant beds looking their best.


Perhaps your commercial property needs a complete overhaul on the lawn. If it’s dead and brown, sometimes the best option is to have it replaced with sodding. With sodding, you get an instant lawn that looks lush and green right away. That means no more having to wait for grass seed to grow and dealing with muddy spots throughout your landscape in the interim.

Whether you have a sod lawn or a traditional grass lawn, it’s a good idea to have it fertilized regularly. Both require essential nutrients to grow and thrive, and having your lawn fertilized ensures that it will have what it needs.

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